Many states and localities now have laws about salary history questions during job interviews and on applications. See our Salary History Disclosure page for easy to read information about current protections.

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More states are banning questions about salary history in job interviews. What to say if you’re asked about it anyway.

The Washington Post

Still, many employers continue to want employees to put the first number on the table, said Paula Brantner, a workplace consultant and the former director of Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit focused on employee rights. “We still haven’t had the mind shift where employers think they should go first. It’s kind of a game of chicken.”

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The Trump administration wants to make it easier to fire women who act too ‘masculine’

Ian Millhiser

Protecting Yourself When the Heat’s On in the Workplace

TJ Scimone

CEO pay is a scandal—or anyway, it should be—this week in the war on workers

Laura Clawson

What Sanders' political revolution looks like in real life

Holly Otterbein

Supreme Court to decide if LGBTQ workers are protected by US civil rights law

Casey Quinlan

Why Join a Labor Union? The Key Benefits Workers May Not Know About

Janet B. Gerhard

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Harville v. City of Houston, Mississippi,

Affirmed. The court affirmed the dismissal of a suit claiming race discrimination and retaliation under Title VII in the firing of a deputy clerk of a city that was part of a group of layoffs intended to offset a budget shortfall. The plaintiff failed to present a genuine issue of material fact that her race was the motivating factor in her termination or that there was a causal connection between an EEOC complaint and the termination.

Tijerino v. Stetson Desert Project, LLC

Reversed. The district court dismissed an action brought by exotic dancers for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Reversing, the panel held the statutory requirement that plaintiffs must be employees as defined in the FLSA is a merits-based determination, not a jurisdictional limitation.

August 21, 2019

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Court Ruling Allows Minor League Baseball Players To Seek Wage Increase As Class Action

Employees need unions to fight for better working conditions

Boeing SC hit with charges it fired workers due to union support

Millennials are the new face of the retirement crisis

Justice Dept. reiterates it believes federal employment discrimination law doesn't protect transgender workers

EEOC Can't Restrict Employers' Use of Criminal Records in Hiring, 5th Circuit Rules

Too many restaurants are cheating workers out of wages, tips, and overtime, investigators say

The US team’s dispute over pay is a fight for women all over the world

Anti-Labor Group Urges Federal Government to Stop All Existing Union Payroll Deductions

Jones Day Sued for Parental Leave Bias Against Men

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