Fear of retaliation keeps workers from reporting the wrongdoing of their employer. Information about how the law protects whistleblowers is important for everyone to have. See our Whistleblowing and Retaliation section for easy to read information, generally and in specific industries, about how you are protected for reporting employer wrongdoing.

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More states are banning questions about salary history in job interviews. What to say if you’re asked about it anyway.

The Washington Post

Still, many employers continue to want employees to put the first number on the table, said Paula Brantner, a workplace consultant and the former director of Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit focused on employee rights. “We still haven’t had the mind shift where employers think they should go first. It’s kind of a game of chicken.”

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What Uber and the Koch Brothers Have in Common: A Plan to Destroy Public Transit

Jeremy Mohler

9 Reasons LGBTQ Workers Need Federal Protections

Alex Schwartz

Internal divides cloud tech industry's antitrust defense

Steven Overly

Every American Should Be Guaranteed a Job. The Green New Deal Could Make That Happen.

In These Time Editors

House Democrats oppose extreme anti-worker Labor nominee, this week in the war on workers

Laura Clawson

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Mejia v. Merchants Building Maintenance,

Affirmed denial of motion to compel arbitration. An employee bringing a Private Attorney General’s Act claim may not be compelled to arbitrate that portion of the claim that seeks to recover underpaid wages.

Local 702 v. NLRB

Affirmed. A longtime employee was discharged for strike related conduct, but the company's action didn't violate the National Labor Relations Act.

August 15, 2019

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The Trump administration wants to make it harder for unemployed workers to get benefits

Teacher unions suffer setback as judge sides with state on membership law

Kaiser Unions Plan to Strike in October

The American Workplace Still Won’t Accommodate Pregnant Workers

The US labor shortage, explained

Paid Family Leave Is a Game Changer for New Parents’ Health, Not Just Their Economic Security

How white supremacy went mainstream in the US: 8chan, Trump, voter suppression

Raided Plant Owners ‘Willfully’ Used Undocumented Workers

There’s More Than One Way to Fight a Monopoly

Why We’re Seeing More Worker Protests

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