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Look Over Your Shoulder: Mobile Sensor System Uses Machine Learning to Classify Top Performers at Work


The research company Gartner reported that in 2018, 46% of major employers were monitoring workers in nontraditional ways, including analyzing the text of their e-mails, computer usage and tracking their movements, up from 30% in 2015.

Garner also noted an associated rise in acceptance by employees of data gathering by their employers, and some privacy advocates believe the trend will continue increasing.

“It’s a battle that unfortunately we’ve mostly lost,” says Paula Brantner, senior adviser at Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit that promotes employee rights.

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Maldonado v. Rodriguez

Partially reversed, partially dismissed. A newly elected district attorney who fired seven employees that alleged they were removed because of their support for his opponent was entitled to qualified immunity as to four of the plaintiffs, but genuine issues of material fact existed as to the remaining three.

State of Texas v. EEOC

Affirmed. A lawsuit in which Texas complained that EEOC regulations relating to the use of criminal records in hiring was an unlawfully promulgated substantive rule properly dismissed the suit but enjoined EEOC enforcement until the agency complies with notice and comment rulemaking requirements under the Administrative Procedure Act.

August 10, 2019

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