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Look Over Your Shoulder: Mobile Sensor System Uses Machine Learning to Classify Top Performers at Work


“It’s a battle that unfortunately we’ve mostly lost,” says Paula Brantner, senior adviser at Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit that promotes employee rights.

With the ubiquity of wearable devices like fitness trackers, and social media posts as well as smartphone apps, people have “forfeited their privacy in a lot of different ways,” she says.

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“Bezos, Our Backs Are Tired”: Amazon Workers Strike on Prime Day

Sarah Lahm

Fiscal collapse of coal towns all but certain, new research shows

E.A. Crunden

Dem leaders float new tweak to soften minimum wage bill

Sarah Ferris

Here’s Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Labor

Jeremy Gantz

Trump's acting Labor secretary pick feared by unions

Ian Kullgren

Minnesota Amazon workers plan Prime Day strike, this week in the war on workers

Laura Clawson

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Collins v. University of Notre Dame du Lac

Reversed and Remanded. The Court of Appeals dismissed an appeal and reversed a District Court order in the case of the dismissal of a tenured professor. The professor's guilty plea to felony charges relating to the dismissal were serious cause sufficient to support his firing.

Melgar v. T.B. Butler Publishing Co.

Affirmed. Plaintiff appealed from a summary judgment in favor of Defendant on claims of discrimination based on age, disability, and national origin. The district court found that Plaintiff had failed to exhaust his administrative remedies prior to filing in federal court. Appeals court found no reversible error.

July 17, 2019

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Union Challenge of Trump Executive Orders Rejected by Federal Court

Whole Foods workers say conditions deteriorated after Amazon takeover

Democrats Are Pushing A Bill To Give Domestic Workers Employee Protections

New York Expands Salary Protections for Employees

Federal Law Says ‘Go Back To Where You Came From’ Counts As Discrimination

Amazon warehouse workers around the world are striking for Prime Day

Parenting can be a full-time job. Activists want the tax code to treat it that way.

Walmart Workers Must Pursue Sex Bias Claims as 79 Suits (2)

Should you boycott Amazon Prime Day?

Oregon grocery workers point out gender pay gap

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