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Know your rights: A breastfeeding mom's guide to pumping at work


Workplace Fairness Senior Advisor Paula Brantner spoke with Today about nursing at work.

Brantner said employers need to consider pumping breaks like any other break. If they pay employees for lunch breaks, then employers should pay them for pumping. If they do not pay for breaks, they will not pay for pumping. “It has to be treated the same,” Brantner said.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. et. al. v Alvarez

Reversed judgment. In 2016, a Texas federal court enjoined the Department of Labor from implementing a proposed Overtime Rule. In 2017, Defendant, Carmen Alvarez a worker for Plaintiff in New Jersey, sued for unpaid overtime pay, relying on the new Overtime Rule. The Texas court held Alvarez in contempt, reasoning that she was bound by the injunction. The appeals court held that the Texas court did not have the authority to hold Alvarez in contempt and that the Texas court lacked personal jurisdiction over Alvarez.

July 11, 2019

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Paid family/medical leave becomes law in 7th state

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