It's Pride Month! Protection from discrimination based on gender identity is a national issue, but states can take vastly different views, and some states provide more protection than others. Learn more about gender identity discrimination state laws on our Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination - State Laws page.

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This nonprofit isn’t promptly paying its workers. Should she blow the whistle when she leaves?

The Washington Post

Flashback: this week last year Paula Brantner talked with the Washington Post about whistleblowing in the nonprofit sector.

"Nonprofit organizations that depend on external funding sources often contend with unpredictable income fluctuations, according to Paula Brantner, senior adviser at the nonprofit Workplace Fairness...your nonprofit employer’s board of directors has a fiduciary duty to ensure the organization is managing funds properly and not committing labor violations."

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Renewables are winning the economics battle against new coal and gas, stunning study shows

Joe Romm

125 Years After the Pullman Uprising, We Could Be on the Verge of Another Sympathy Strike Wave

Ryan Smith

Below the Surface of ICE: The Corporations Profiting From Immigrant Detention

David Dayen

Americans are underestimating discrimination against LGBTQ people

Casey Quinlan

Postal Service plans to slash worker benefits, this week in the war on workers

Laura Clawson

In the Courts more

Bozzuto's Inc. v. NLRB

Upheld a National Labor Relations Board finding that an employer engaged in certain unfair labor practices, such as announcing wage increases in conjunction with urging employees to decline to join a union. However, granted the employer's petition for review in other respects.

Pearl v. City of Los Angeles

Upheld a multimillion-dollar judgment in favor of a Los Angeles city employee who brought an employment lawsuit against the city for harassment and retaliation. The city argued that the damages were excessive.

July 3, 2019

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Intentions and reality: What really works when it comes to workplace diversity?

Seven Ways Leaders Can Encourage Diversity In The Workplace

When getting fired gets violent — what experts say about avoiding workplace tragedy

From strip clubs to strip malls, how 2 million workers could be swept up in a bill aimed at the gig economy

Employees speak up at Wayfair, Google. Have millennials killed being afraid of the boss?

Is The Workplace Culture Stalling Women's Progress

California poised to be first state to ban race-based discrimination against natural hair

Professor Alleges Discrimination Against Law School And Former Dean In New Lawsuit

On Eve of Union Vote, Chattanooga VW Workers Describe Rampant Workplace Injuries

Erie Locomotive Workers Avert Strike with New Contract at Wabtec

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