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Watching the Workers


Despite those reservations, some privacy advocates think the percentage of employees who accept monitoring will continue to increase. "It's a battle that unfortunately we've mostly lost," says Paula Brantner, senior advisor of Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit that promotes employee rights, and president of consulting firm PB Work Solutions. "Employees are acclimated to it. [As consumers] they've already forfeited their privacy in a lot of different ways." Between wearable devices such as fitness trackers, social media posts and smartphone applications, she says, "people are already giving up data left and right."

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187 Republicans vote against bill to close the gender wage gap

Casey Quinlan

Fast food workers declare victory after McDonald’s withdraws opposition to minimum wage hikes

Alan Pyke

GM poured billions into stock buybacks then closed plants

Laura Clawson

Anchor brewery workers unionize

Laura Clawson

“We Demand Food for Thought”: UIC Grad Workers On Strike for Living Wages and Respect

Hannah Steinkopf-Frank

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Salgado v. Carrows Restaurants Inc.

Addressed whether an arbitration agreement could be enforced, given that it was signed only after the employee filed her employment discrimination lawsuit. Reversed and remanded for further findings.

University of Southern California v. NLRB

Addressed whether non-tenure-track faculty of a private university's school of art and design had the right to join a labor union. The university contended that these full- and part-time faculty members lacked a protected right to unionize because they were, in effect, managerial employees. Granting the university's petition for review in part, the D.C. Circuit held that one aspect of the National Labor Relations Board's decision on this question conflicted with Supreme Court precedent.

March 28, 2019

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At Trump’s Federal Labor Police, Lights Are On But No One’s Home

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