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Freelancers aren’t protected by equal employment laws. So what should they do when they face discrimination?

Quartz at Work

This week we look back to the summer when Senior Advisor Paula Brantner talked about how to deal with discrimination as an independent contractor.

Paula Brantner, a lawyer at Workplace Fairness, a worker’s rights organization offers this advice:

“That’s sometimes the only remedy you have—naming and shaming someone. The company will often make noises about suing...”

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Reports of Klobuchar’s treatment of staff highlight poor workplace standards on Capitol Hill

Casey Quinlan

Missouri Supreme Court opens the door to LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections

Zack Ford

When a Company Tries to Decertify Its Union

Michael Sainato

Calls Increase for Trump Labor Sec. Alexander Acosta To Resign

Julia Conley

Now That Government Is Funded, Here Is What Workers Want to See

Richard Trumka

In the Courts more

Silva v. Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Revived a correctional sergeant's claims that he was fired because he is Latino. Reversed summary judgment on his Title VII and equal protection claims, in relevant part.

Gates v. Board of Education of the City of Chicago

Revived a public-school building engineer's claim that his supervisor subjected him to a racially hostile work environment by using racial epithets. Reversed a summary judgment ruling.

February 28, 2019

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Why Aren't Women Advancing More in Corporate America

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