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Is Time Really Up for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace? Companies and Law Firms Respond

American Bar Association

Workplace Fairness' Senior Advisor and former Executive Director, Paula Brantner, talks with the American Bar Association about how companies deal with sexual harassment and how things have changed.

"One difference Brantner sees is that liability no longer guides company policy. In the past, many organizations were content to “check off the boxes” in terms of training, sending the message that if it didn’t meet the standards of legal liability, the company had little interest in pursuing it." "You want to create a culture where certain things just aren’t done—not because it violates the law, but because it doesn’t reflect company values, Brantner points out."

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This MLB power couple is fighting to save 200 union jobs

Lindsay Gibbs

We’ve Been Fighting for $15 For 7 Years. Today I’m Celebrating a Historic Victory.

Jeff Schuhrke

West Virginia teachers strike (yes, again) to protest attack on public education

Laura Clawson

Federal judge blocks military from discharging service members with HIV

Zack Ford

Federal contract workers won't get back pay after shutdown: 'The president won't sign that'

Alan Lescht

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Johnson v. Halstead

In an amended opinion, held that a police sergeant could move forward with his claims that he was subjected to a campaign of racial harassment. Affirmed the denial of the police chief's motion for judgment on the pleadings based on qualified immunity, in relevant part.

Jimenez-Sanchez v. Dark Horse Express, Inc.

Held that the trial court erred in denying class certification to truck drivers bringing wage and hour claims against their employer. Reversed and remanded for further proceedings, explaining that errors were made in analyzing whether predominantly common issues existed.

February 20, 2019

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Teachers are leading a national workers’ revolt. Oakland may be next.

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Here's How Normal People Beat Jeff Bezos and Amazon

A record number of US workers went on strike in 2018

DoorDash reveals how much it relies on customer tips to pay its workers

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