Frigid temperatures are moving through much of the country. Look to Workplace Fairness to find out if your employer can require you to use vacation time.

In 2019 we are committed to educating the American workforce about their rights in the workplace and how to protect and enforce them.

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Laid off? You may not get paid for unused time off

CBS News

"We've had a number of situations recently where companies don't have a legal obligation, but calling them out has led to better results than the law ever can," said Brantner of Workplace Fairness. "Employees are bringing their plight to the attention of the public, and companies are taking that seriously."

Recent examples include Google agreeing to change its sexual harassment and arbitration policies following public protests by employees, and air traffic controllers, who Brantner credits with helping end the government shutdown. "They are not legally allowed to strike, but by slowing down operations and raising questions about safety, that had more of an impact."

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OSHA Announces Rollback of Recordkeeping Requirements

Jordan Barab

Thousands of Virginia teachers march to state capitol demanding more funding, better salaries

Casey Quinlan

The longest shutdown in U.S. history will have lingering consequences for federal workers

Casey Quinlan

Los Angeles Teachers Stay Strong; Win Improvements


L.A. Teachers on What Was Won—And Which Battles Are Next

Julianne Tveten

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Gilberg v. California Check Cashing Stores, LLC

Revived a job applicant's claim relating to a consumer credit report. Held that the disclosure she received did not comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act because it included extraneous information relating to various state disclosure requirements and also was not sufficiently clear. Reversed a summary judgment ruling, in relevant part, in this proposed class action.

Siri v. Sutter Home Winery, Inc.

Revived a whistleblowing employee's claim that she was unlawfully terminated for reporting her employer's failure to pay certain taxes. Reversed a summary judgment ruling and remanded.

February 6, 2019

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