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Spied On at Work? Things to Know About Employee Monitoring


Although more than a quarter of tech employees at big firms say that their companies go to unreasonable lengths to spy on them, our laws haven’t caught up with the latest forms of monitoring, according to Paula Brantner, senior advisor to Workplace Fairness: “Basically, anything that relates to security, theft or efficiency is fair game.”

“Consult with an attorney if necessary to find out what protections are available, especially when it comes to new forms of monitoring,” Brantner advised. She also provided this helpful overview of employees’ rights regarding workplace monitoring.

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Shutdown forces federal workers to consider career changes just to make ends meet

Casey Quinlan

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Julianne Tveten

As shutdown becomes longest in U.S. history, federal employees sue over working for no pay

Jessica Goldstein

Government shutdown will force Miami airport to close one terminal early in coming days

Laura Clawson

Should Workers Be Punished for Being Employed By Subcontractors? This Legal Battle Will Decide.

Moshe Marvit

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Thompson v. Dallas City Attorney's Office

Held that res judicata barred an employment discrimination lawsuit. The plaintiff could not litigate in federal court after her other claims were dismissed in state court. Affirmed a dismissal.

Duffey v. Tender Heart Home Care Agency LLC

Revived a domestic worker's claim that she was denied overtime wages. Held that she may have been an employee, rather than an independent contractor, of a home care agency and thus entitled to overtime protection under California's Domestic Worker Bill of Rights. Reversed a summary adjudication.

January 23, 2019

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Democrats introduce bill to hike federal minimum wage to $15 per hour

Government workers still don’t have a salary due to the shutdown. American businesses are helping them out.

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‘How Long Will the LA Teachers Strike Last?’ May Be the Wrong Question

Forget Reagan: Four Reasons the TSA Could Stop Working Tomorrow

Martin Luther King Jr., union man

Long Wait Likely for Fed Workers Suing Over Shutdown Pay

The Los Angeles teachers' strike keeps growing as the standoff 'feels like ... playing chicken'

Opinion: Should federal workers walk off the job?

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