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Ending the Silence

The Progressive

Brantner estimates that more than one-third of the U.S. labor force is bound by some form of non-disclosure agreement. Traditionally, employers have used these to protect trade secrets and intellectual property that might give rival firms a competitive edge. But in recent years, an increasing number of employers have used non-disclosure agreements to prevent victims of sexual harassment from speaking out.

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Los Angeles teachers will go on strike next month

Casey Quinlan

Death on the Job: 2017 Fatality Numbers Released

Jordan Barab

Time’s Up to spend CBS donation on a new diversity initiative

Jessica Goldstein

Trump administration begs SCOTUS to let it ban transgender people from the military now

Zack Ford

The Group That Brought Us Janus Is Waging a New Stealth Attack On Unions

Moshe Marvit

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Johnson v. Halstead

Held that a police sergeant could move forward with his claims that he was subjected to a campaign of racial harassment, in violation of 42 U.S.C. sections 1981 and 1983. Affirmed the denial of the police chief's motion for judgment on the pleadings based on qualified immunity, in relevant part.

State of California v. Azar

Modified a nationwide injunction relating to contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act. When several states sued to block federal regulations on group plan contraceptive coverage that exempt employers with religious or moral objections, the district court issued a nationwide preliminary injunction. On appeal, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the injunction but held that the record did not support its nationwide scope. The panel vacated the portion of the injunction barring enforcement of the regulations in states other than the plaintiff states.

December 20, 2018

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Sprint, T-Mobile Merger Would Mean Lower Wages Across Wireless Retail, Study Finds

The GOP tax bill only gave workers 2 cents more per hour in bonuses

Best Buy starts offering backup child care to workers for a co-pay

Politicians have caused a pay ‘collapse’ for the bottom 90 percent of workers, researchers say

Muslim Amazon workers say they don’t have enough time to pray. Now they’re fighting for their rights.

Michigan Unions Dodge Republican Attack In Lame-Duck Session

More Tesla Workers Want to Unionize, Despite Elon Musk’s Promises of Free Frozen Yogurt

McDonald’s Workers Criticize ‘Joint Employer’ Rule Proposal

New York already has thousands of Amazon workers — and some are unionizing to demand better conditions

The most important job in the world is one no one wants anymore

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