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Workplace Surveillance:Will New Techniques Spark Resentment

Sage Business Researcher

Paula Brantner, a senior adviser to Workplace Fairness, an employee-rights advocacy group in Silver Spring, Md., says that unions have been able to “create some boundaries and limitations for the employer.” Employers with unionized workforces can still monitor their workers, but it must be done with employees’ consent and knowledge, she says.

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Minimum wage increases pass in Arkansas and Missouri

Rebekah Entralgo

New Koch Brothers-Funded Super PAC Looks to Capitalize on Janus Decision Ahead of the Election

Eric Bradach

Trump economic adviser calls federal minimum wage a 'terrible idea'

Laura Clawson

Google employees demand company do something about sexual harassment and pay inequality

Casey Quinlan

Equal Pay for All


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Mount Lemmon Fire District v. Guido et al.

Held that state and local government entities are covered by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act regardless of their size. In an age discrimination suit brought by two firefighters, a fire district argued that it was too small to qualify as an employer under the ADEA because it had fewer than 20 employees. Disagreeing, the Supreme Court concluded that the ADEA's 20-employee coverage threshold is inapplicable to states and political subdivisions. Justice Ginsburg wrote the unanimous 8-0 opinion.

November 8, 2018

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