There is so much at stake in the upcoming midterm elections that voter turnout should be higher than ever. However, many people may think they can't vote because they have to work. Help us get the word out about laws that provide time off to vote. Share our FAQ's and state-by-state details on Voting Rights and Time Off to Vote.

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This is how getting fired is more financially devastating for women

Fast Company

“There is significant evidence that pay bias is something that can follow you throughout your career,” says Paula Brantner, a senior adviser for Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit organization that offers career resources and legal assistance. “If you’re underpaid and undervalued in your first job, then when you go to your next job, they look at what you’re making and continue to undervalue you, so as your career progresses you get further and further behind.”

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Hawaiian hotel workers want better pay for state’s high cost of living

Casey Quinlan

'One job should be enough,' striking Marriott workers say

Laura Clawson

Thousands of Amazon Delivery Drivers Won’t Be Eligible for the $15 Wage

David Dayen

OSHA Weakens Workers’ Protections Against Retaliation for Reporting Injuries

Jordan Barab

The Trucking Industry Is a “Sweatshop on Wheels.” Here’s How Kavanaugh Could Make It Worse.

Michael Arria

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Harris v. County of Orange

Reinstated claims brought by retired county employees alleging that the county government violated their vested rights when it restructured its health benefits program. The class-action complaint challenged two reforms made by the county in 2006 that the retirees said violated the county's contractual obligations to them. On appeal, the Ninth Circuit held that the district court erred in dismissing certain of retirees' contract claims. However, the panel affirmed dismissal of the retirees' age discrimination claim.

October 23, 2018

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It’s official: D.C. Council has repealed Initiative 77

Gig Economy Prime Target for Labor Department Opinions

McDonald’s Labor Case Gets Political

The Employer Surveillance State

Lower pay for disabled New Mexico workers raises fairness issues

The trucking industry is a “sweatshop on wheels.” Here’s how Kavanaugh could make it worse.

Amazon ditched AI recruiting tool that favored men for technical jobs

How Sexual Harassment at Workplace can Affect Health for Decades

Leaked Whole Foods Email Clarifies How Amazon's Pay Raises Will Work

Why nearly 8,000 Marriott workers are striking in 8 cities

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