How much privacy do you have at work? Workers may not consider this until their employer does something that feels like a violation of privacy. Can your employer videotape you, search your bag, read your email, drug test you, get your medical information? Visit our FAQ section on Privacy and Surveillance in the Workplace to find out what your rights are, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see more on these issues.

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How to respond to a joke about #MeToo


Try to start a conversation instead of shutting the person down. Assuming the joke wasn’t too outrageous or offensive, Brantner said, consider a response “that invites a conversation, opens the door, encourages listening, shares mutual experiences, and is a moment to teach and educate.” Does the joke-teller think people are falsely reporting sexual misconduct, or that it doesn’t happen? How would they feel if someone sexually harassed them, or if they had to leave their job because a boss hit on them? You may be able to open their mind to how common a problem this is, the harm it causes, and why they shouldn’t be dismissive, she said.

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Voters Just Killed Right to Work in Missouri, Proving Labor Still Has Power Under Janus

Jeff Schuhrke

Proposition A: The right-to-work referendum on Missouri’s ballot, explained

Rebekah Entralgo

Trump Appointees Are Pushing a Deregulation Plan That Could Dramatically Erode Consumer Protections

Minimum wage increases are working for workers at the bottom, but the middle is getting squeezed

Laura Clawson

OSHA’s Rollback of the Recordkeeping Rule

Jordan Barab

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Christie v. Georgia-Pacific Co.

Reversed a denial of benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. An employee argued that he was entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits for a permanent and disabling on-the-job injury even though he had already taken early retirement from his job. On review of the Benefits Review Board's denial of his claim for benefits, the Ninth Circuit held that his decision to retire early did not make him ineligible for workers' compensation benefits under the Act. The panel therefore reversed the administrative decision and remanded.

Alaska Airlines Inc. v. Schurke

Held that the federal Railway Labor Act (RLA) did not preempt a flight attendant's claim against an airline. The flight attendant alleged that her employer had violated her state law right to take family medical leave. She argued that her claim was not preempted by the RLA, which covers airlines. In an en banc 6-5 decision, the Ninth Circuit agreed with her that there was no preemption.

August 8, 2018

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Missouri Voters Overturn Right-To-Work Measure, Rejecting Republican Lawmakers

It’s Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, and there’s a lot of work to do

Starbucks Loses California Wage-Theft Case

Some businesses are refusing to hire DACA recipients. They are fighting back.

Job growth has never lasted this long before. Neither has weak wage growth.

Rubio’s New Parental Leave Plan Is Funded With Your Retirement Savings

5 Things to Watch in the July Jobs Report

N.Y.U. Prevails in Case That Said It Let Retirement Plans Reap Excess Fees

Why you probably can’t sue your employer for sexual harassment

The college wage gap is real for Americans of color

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