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6 Approachable Solutions to End Workplace Discrimination

How to Help

Trust your gut. It’s natural to want to avoid conflict at work, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore a sense of discomfort. One easy thing to do if something feels off is to start keeping detailed records. “Make notes when something happens, type it into your phone, maybe dictate something so that you have a fresh record you can come back to,” says Paula Brantner, an employment lawyer and senior advisor for Workplace Fairness, an organization dedicated to helping workers understand and exercise their legal rights. Even if you decide not to do anything, “you still have a record of what happened as it happened.”

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This is why workplace harassment training is so ineffective

Josh Israel

OSHA Speaks to Employers, Ignores Workers, About Deaths in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

Jordan Barab

As the Planet Warms, Can OSHA Protect Workers From Extreme Heat?

Michael Arria

A Dark Veil


Groups Petition OSHA to Issue Heat Standard

Jordan Barab

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Rodriguez v. Taco Bell Corp.

Affirmed that Taco Bell Corp. did not violate its employees' rights to meal breaks when it provided a special offer that employees could purchase a meal from the restaurant at a discount, as long as they ate the meal in the restaurant. An employee argued that Taco Bell should pay employees for their time because the company required them to eat the discounted meal in the restaurant; the idea behind the offer related to deterring theft. However, the Ninth Circuit found no violation of California meal break requirements, and affirmed summary judgment against the proposed class claim.

July 26, 2018

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Seattle to vote on new regulations for domestic workers

Toys ‘R’ Us Workers Face Harsh Reality in Quest for Severance

Brett Kavanaugh Thinks Undocumented Workers Aren’t Really Employees Under The Law

Even with similar qualifications, women spend time on tasks that lead to lower pay than men

Multiple Papa John’s Employees Describe Sexual Harassment, Nepotism

The stress that kills American workers

Ann Hopkins, Who Struck an Early Blow to the Glass Ceiling, Dies at 74

Federal Reserve chair: Decline in worker share of national economy ‘very troubling’

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