Hourly low wage workers are some of the most vulnerable when it comes to being taken advantage of by their employers. While workers and advocates continue to fight for fair wages and workplaces, we're working to educate people about their rights. We've recently added a new page of FAQ's about Flexible and Predictive Scheduling. Take a look, and share this information with hourly workers as we all stand up for fair workplaces.

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This nonprofit isn’t promptly paying its workers. Should she blow the whistle when she leaves?

The Washington Post

Nonprofit organizations that depend on external funding sources often contend with unpredictable income fluctuations, according to Paula Brantner, senior adviser at the nonprofit Workplace Fairness...your nonprofit employer’s board of directors has a fiduciary duty to ensure the organization is managing funds properly and not committing labor violations.

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What You Need to Know About Washington, D.C.'s Initiative 77 and the Minimum Wage

Kenneth Quinnell

Workplace Safety: Expect Excellence From Your Employer

TJ Scimone

Workplace Deaths Are Rising. Trump-Era Budget Cuts Could Make It Worse.

Bruce Vail

Tesla Swears It’s a Fair Employer—Yet It’s Trying to Dodge a Law That Protects Workers

Michael Arria

D.C. servers and bartenders say the tipped wage system isn’t working for them

Casey Quinlan

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Gillispie v. Regionalcare Hospital Partners

Affirming the district court grant of summary judgment to a hospital in a case where a former employee failed to establish a prima facie case for retaliation under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act when she says she was fired because she reported the hospital's allegedly improper discharge of an unstable patient and because she reported alleged substandard care of an admitted patient. She lacked any direct evidence and her various common law claims were preempted by state statutes.

June 21, 2018

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Tesla Severance Offer Draws the Line on Worker-Safety Concerns

The Deceptive Campaign to Keep D.C. Service Workers Underpaid

Supreme Court Decision in Janus Looms Over Critical Public-Sector Jobs and Public Services

Pregnancy Discrimination Is Rampant Inside America’s Biggest Companies

Trump’s attacks on federal employee unions, pay and benefits draw bipartisan rebukes

Starbucks Discriminates Against Older Workers, According To Former Employees

The Supreme Court case that could kneecap public sector unions, explained

Spurred by #MeToo, a Harassment Task Force Reconvenes

A minimum-wage worker can’t afford a 2-bedroom apartment anywhere in the U.S.

Cheesecake Factory held liable in $4M wage theft case

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