In light of #MeToo and the increased number of workplace sexual harassment allegations that have recently come forward, the role of non-disclosure agreements in shielding serial harassers and protecting employers has entered the spotlight. Workplace Fairness has recently added to their website a helpful set of FAQs for employees being asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement or who have questions about an NDA that they have already signed.

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Times Up: How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Work

Jacksonville Magazine

Paula Brantner, a senior advisor at the non-profit organization, Workplace Fairness, says, "Even before something happens it's good to familiarize yourself with the companies policies" on sexual harassment. She offers the following steps that employees can take to address sexual harassment in the workplace...

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Busting some myths about tipped workers and the minimum wage

Laura Clawson

Rank-and-File Union Members Are Leading Another Massive Strike. This Time It’s AT&T Workers.

Rebecca Burns

Former Houston Texans cheerleaders sue team over low pay and harassment

Kiley Kroh

Failure to Accommodate is Disability Discrimination

Passman & Kaplan, P.C., Attorneys at Law

Trump administration sued after trying to gut federal workers’ union rights

Danielle McLean

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Coskery v. Berryhill

Affirming a district court order upholding the Social Security Administration's denial of an application for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental Security Income in the case of a former cook who was shown to be able to continue with light work

Liberty Surplus Insurance Corporation v. Ledesma & Meyer Construction Company, Inc.

Affirming that when a third party sues an employer for the negligent hiring, retention, and supervision of an employee who intentionally injured a third party this can count as an occurrence under the employer's commercial general liability policy because the injury can be considered accidental in a suit involving an assistant superintendent to a middle school construction project that was accused of sexually abusing a 13 year old student.

June 7, 2018

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When Working in Disney World Means Being Stuck Living in a Cheap Motel

Report shows big banks shell out large sums in wage-theft disputes

Former Houston Texans cheerleaders sue claiming harassment and unfair pay

Fast-food workers demand pay increase: Are unions the answer?

Union activity ramps up ahead of Supreme Court decision on dues tied to collective bargaining

Hey, D.C.: Reject the misleading signs and raise tipped workers’ wages

Should D.C. restaurants pay minimum wage? The ballot measure debate gets heated.

Trump Moves to Curb Federal Employee Labor Protections

Lowe’s Is Making Managers Sign Arbitration Agreements If They Want Their Bonuses

“What did you make at your last job?”: why the salary question is bad for women and people of color

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