How concerned should you be about your privacy in the workplace? Amazon has got people talking about how much surveillance by employers is too much. Read WF in the news below and check out our FAQ pages on workplace privacy for more information.

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Workplace monitoring gets personal, and employees fear it's too close for comfort. They're right.

Chicago Tribune

“Are the bathroom breaks too long? Are you chatting with co-workers? Wasting any time? These devices show if you’re working at maximum efficiency,” says Paula Brantner, senior adviser at employee rights group Workplace Fairness. Another nagging concern: What if this sensitive personal information is hacked? What are the rights of employees whose personal records are at risk and may be misused?

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The West Virginia Teachers’ Strike Has Activists Asking: Should We Revive the Wildcat?

Shaun Richman

Legislation from DeLauro and Clark Would Strengthen Protections for Tipped Workers


OSHA to Employers Who Violate the Recordkeeping Rule: No Problem!

Jordan Barab

Ready to fight sexual harassment? Call Tina Tchen.

Jessica Goldstein

Women Deserve a Raise

Sheva Diagne

In the Courts more

Holton v. Department of the Navy

Affirming the decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board that the dismissal of a rigger supervisor who tested positive for a prohibited substance in a drug test administered following a crane accident because there was reasonable suspicion he was the cause of the accident, so the drug test was properly administrated and did not violate his constitutional rights.

County of San Diego v. Workers Compensation Appeals Board

Annulling a Workers Compensation Appeals Board order denying the County's petition for reconsideration and affirming a workers compensation administrative law judge's order awarding temporary disability benefits for periods of disability occurring more than five years after a worker's injury because the Labor Code precludes the award of temporary disability payments beyond five years.

March 14, 2018

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In the News

Campaign Workers In Illinois Push For Protections

Facebook Defends Its Use Of Secret Courts To Handle Sexual Harassment Cases

Wage Theft in Restaurants

The Tipping Equation

Walmart Moves for ‘Alternative Resolution’ in Labor Dispute

Aging Parents And Women's Day: Let's Look At Inequality In Caregiving

Florida’s Governor Will Sign Bill Expanding Workers’ Comp Benefits for First Responders

West Virginia teachers' triumph offers fresh hope for US workers' rights

House Dems offer bill to protect workers' tips

West Virginia teachers' nine-day strike ends with 5 percent pay raise

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