This week Workplace Fairness continues calling out the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace and more importantly, engaging with the press, the public, and other workers' rights organizations about how employers are or should be dealing with the problem.

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How industries from Hollywood to Capitol Hill to modeling are tackling sexual harassment


At this point, Brantner added, “it’s too soon to see whether or not whether we’ve had a true cultural shift.” “Are they going to be consistent, are they going to have policies that they uniformly enforce, are people going to feel safe coming forward, are they going to be protected from retaliation?” she asked. “Is the change real?”

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Trump Administration Should Rescind Proposal That Allows Bosses to Pocket Working People's Tips

Kenneth Quinnell

Congress introduces record number of bills to prevent people from taking industry to court

Mark Hand

56 attorneys general push Congress to help sexual harassment victims gain access to the courts

Rebekah Entralgo

Must employers provide ADA leave after FMLA runs out?

Passman & Kaplan, P.C., Attorneys at Law

Unions are Fighting for Families by Supporting Women and Rejecting the Status Quo

Liz Shuler

Here’s How a Supreme Court Decision To Gut Public Sector Unions Could Backfire on the Right

Shaun Richman

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Perez v. City of Roseville

Reversing the district court's summary judgment in favor of the defendants in a former probation officer's claim of the violation of her rights to privacy and intimate association and affirming the grant of summary judgment on the former officer's due process and gender discrimination claims in a case involving an internal affairs investigation that turned up a romance between officers because a genuine factual dispute existed regarding whether the relationship and termination had a connection to negative job performance.

O'Farrell v. Department of Defense

Reversing a Merit Systems Protection Board decision denying a claim under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act that the Department of Defense failed to grant military leave to an employee for active military service because the Board abused its discretion in determining that the employee wasn't entitled to additional leave.

Solus Industrial Innovations, LLC v. The Superior Court of Orange County

Reversing the Court of Appeals determination that an action brought by the Orange County District Attorney for civil penalties under state unfair competition laws was preempted by federal Occupational Safety and Health Act regulations because the state regulations did not encroach on a field fully occupied by federal law or thwart federal objectives, nor did the structure and language of the federal act indicate Congress's clear intent to preempt such claims.

February 16, 2018

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Airlines Sue Washington State Over Paid Sick Leave Law

AT&T, Walmart Bolster Their Tax Savings in Paying Worker Bonuses

The ‘Manly’ Jobs Problem

Restaurant Workers Are Left Behind in New York’s New Paid Parental Leave Program

Anti-union challengers are on the verge of victory at Supreme Court

Labor Unions to Take Party Over Ideology in Midterm Elections

Care workers need support to handle the emotional impact of our jobs

Florida Bill Seeks to Stop Arrests Of Injured Immigrant Workers

Trump administration faces audit of proposed rule that could let bosses keep tips

Low-Wage Workers Say #MeToo Movement Is A Chance For Change

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