This week Workplace Fairness stands up for worker safety by signing on to a letter with other workers rights groups opposing H.R. 3808 the Infrastructure Expansion Act of 2017, which would prohibit states from establishing strict liability for construction accidents.

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When you cannot sue your employer

The Economist

Another criticism of arbitration agreements, voiced by Ms. Carlson, the news anchor, is that they silence victims. Often the proceedings have confidentiality clauses attached that prevent the employee from speaking about the case, thereby protecting repeat offenders. Paula Brantner of Workplace Fairness, an employee-rights charity, contends that, without the threat of litigation and the negative publicity it brings, companies have less of an incentive to root out bad behavior.

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Massive grocery chain is denying HIV prevention drugs to its employees — and it won’t explain why

Zack Ford

22 Democratic senators want to know how sexual harassment financially impacts women

Rebekah Entralgo

Nine Years Later: Why We're Still Fighting Pay Discrimination

John Weber

Union membership rose in 2017

Laura Clawson

Trump NLRB Appointee Behind Major Anti-Union Ruling Accused of Corruption

Bruce Vail

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Franchina v. City of Providence

Affirming a judgment that a Rhode Island fire department had engaged in gender discrimination and retaliation for their vile treatment of a woman on the job and the award of front pay and emotional damages because, in the words of the court, they declined to put out the fire of the department's own making.

Lampe v. Queen of the Valley Medical Center

Affirming a trial court order denying class certification in wage and hour claims against a medical center because substantial evidence led to the court's conclusion that individualized issues were predominant and the claims couldn't be proven efficiently as a class.

January 31, 2018

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Exclusive: 5 Women Sue Monster Energy Over Abusive, Discriminatory Culture

Sexual-Harassment Suit Naming Ad Agency Shines Light on Client Dealings

State union membership grew by 75,000 in 2017: Report

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