As the Trump administration enters its second year, Workplace Fairness is keeping our eye on the legal and regulatory changes that are affecting workers across the country. We are committed to making sure that workers know their rights, and how to enforce them. Share this Workplace Week newsletter with your friends and colleagues.The more people know what's going on the better prepared we all are to support and advocate for workers on issues that affect them, and us.

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Workplace Fairness Talks to WTOP on Sexual Harassment

WTOP News Radio Washington, DC

Senior Advisor Paula Brantner talks with Veronica Robinson at WTOP about the legal standards for sexual harassment in the workplace, and how to deal with office relationships.

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Here Are the 10 Worst Attacks on Workers From Trump’s First Year

Economic Policy Institute

460,000 more workers could get overtime in Pennsylvania

Laura Clawson

Tips Are More Important Than You Think

Kenneth Quinnell

Workers’ rights dealt major blow as GOP-led labor board sides with McDonald’s

Rebekah Entralgo

Here’s How Trump’s Labor Department Quietly Gave Bosses Even More Power Over Their Workers

Michael Arria

In the Courts more

Degidio v. Crazy Horse Saloon and Restaurant Inc.

Affirming the district court denial of the Crazy Horse gentleman's club's motion to compel arbitration in a putative collective and class action case brought against them by a former exotic dancer complaining of labor violations where the club included clauses compelling arbitration and waiving the right to participate in class actions into agreements with their dancers during the course of litigation because the court found a unilateral, unsupervised, and misleading pattern of communication with absent class members.

Bustos v. Global P.E.T., Inc.

Affirming a trial court ruling denying attorney fees in the case of a disability discrimination claim where a disability was found to be a substantial motivating reason in the decision of an employer to terminate an employee because the defense defeated all of the claims and although attorney fees could be provided in such a circumstance there was no error in the trial court's decision.

January 24, 2018

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Sexual-Harassment Suit Naming Ad Agency Shines Light on Client Dealings

State union membership grew by 75,000 in 2017: Report

Voices Of America's Contract Workers: It's 'Feast Or Famine'

How the Labor Movement Is Thinking Ahead to a Post-Trump World

Home-Care Workers Clocking 24-Hour Shifts Are Being Paid for Only 13 Hours

Labor Board Looks to Settle McDonald’s Joint Employer Case

Wolf will seek dramatic revamp to overtime rules

Bonuses are great, but tax law windfall should include workers' retirement perk

Trump’s Labor Secretary Plays It Safe as Judgeship Talk Swirls

How Automation Could Worsen Racial Inequality

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