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We're tracking developments in the law and in enforcement. Topics we watch include discrimination, retaliation, fair pay, unpaid wages, overtime, sexual harassment, medical leave, disability law, workplace safety, unions, access to justice, and many more areas that affect the daily lives of workers across the country in every field. Share Workplace Week with someone who cares.

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WF in the News more

How to Recognize Sexual Harassment

Jefferson Public Radio

We get a primer on sexual harassment and discrimination from Paula Brantner, former executive director and now Senior Advisor at WF.

Today's Workplace more

Workers' lives take a back seat under Donald Trump

Laura Clawson

4 actresses call out E! for gender discrimination — while live on E!

Judd Legum

HR Has Never Been on the Side of Workers. #MeToo Is More Proof.

Sarah Lazare

Pro-Working People Laws Catching on Around the Country

Kenneth Quinnell

Union to Southwest: $1,000 worker bonuses don’t make up for years of stagnant pay

Melanie Schmitz

In the Courts more

Simers v. Los Angeles Times Communications, LLC

Affirming trial court orders granting judgment notwithstanding the verdict in the case of a longtime sports reporter whose writing allegedly suffered following a mini-stroke as to his constructive termination claim, finding substantial evidence supported age and disability discrimination claims because the company's actions following the writer's stroke were not, alone or in combination, an unusually aggravated or continuous pattern of mistreatment, and granting a new trial as to damages because it was impossible to separate the amounts from the individual charges.

DiFiore v. CSL Behring, LLC.

Affirming that a jury instruction relating to False Claims Act claims of retaliation requiring that protected activity be the 'but for' cause of adverse actions against the plaintiff whistleblower in a case involving a former Director of Marketing who said that her concerns about off-label drug use marketing strategies led to her constructive dismissal.

January 10, 2018

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In the News

Nearly three out of four women in computer-related jobs report discrimination in the workplace

Fast-Food Workers Claim Victory in a New York Labor Effort

Number of OSHA workplace safety inspectors declines under Trump

A new law gives NYC workers paid family leave for anyone they define as family

For Undocumented Workers On Vermont Farms, 2017 Was A Year Filled With Anxiety

Los Angeles Times Newsroom Voting on Whether to Unionize

The Supreme Court Case That Could ‘Overturn the Heart of the New Deal’

California proposes hotel 'panic button' bill to protect workers from assaults, sex harassment

Here's what Trump's tax plan means for blue collar workers, from cashiers to foresters

The Local Fight to End Sexual Assault in Low-Wage Jobs

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