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The Year in Tech: iPhone X, Russia-linked ads and the rise of bitcoin

ABC News

“Having all this come to light sent a message that wild, free-wheeling days in Silicon Valley are over” said Paula Brantner, executive director of Workplace Fairness, a nonprofit organization working to preserve and promote employees’ rights.

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Trump took credit for airline safety in 2017. What about the surge in coal miner deaths?

Mark Hand

Hollywood stars donate millions to empower more women to speak out against sexual assault

Melanie Schmitz

OSHA Is Bleeding: Shrinking Government and Killing Workers

Jordan Barab

What #MeToo Can Teach the Labor Movement

Jane McAlevey

2017 was a year of eroding workers’ rights

Casey Quinlan

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Lentz v. Merit Systems Protection Board

Vacating the decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board that a man's resignation from federal employment was voluntary and not a constructive discharge because the Board's decision was based on incorrect evidentiary procedures, including the inappropriate application of collateral estoppel.

January 4, 2018

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More workers say their bosses are threatening to have them deported

In Michigan's bitter cold, outdoor workers share secrets to stay warm

Four Crucial Things You Should Know About New York’s New Paid Family Leave Program

Hollywood’s Unions Had A Good Year — Except For Donald Trump & Harvey Weinstein

U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Janus v. AFSCME could cripple labor unions

Tax Law Offers a Carrot to Gig Workers. But It May Have Costs

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