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What are YOUR political rights as an employee? Paula Brantner from Workplace Fairness explains.

Biz 1190 WAFS

Senior Advisor, Paula Brantner joins Dana Barrett to talk about when and if the law requires employers to give workers time off to vote, and whether your political speech and activity are protected in your workplace.

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Labor-Backed Candidates Win Big in Tuesday’s Elections

Tim Schlittner

Deepwater Horizon: Is the CSB Preparing to Retreat on Worker Participation?

Jordan Barab

California Just Passed Landmark Law to Stop Bosses From Discriminating Against People with Convictions

Michael Arria

Billionaire Trump donor puts 115 people out of work after some joined a union

Laura Clawson

Do Nondisclosure Agreements Perpetuate a Toxic Workplace Culture?

Passman & Kaplan, P.C., Attorneys at Law

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Clemens v. Qwest Corp.

In a labor and employment action, the district court's order denying an adjustment in plaintiff's damages award from a successful discrimination suit, to account for increased tax liabilities from his lump-sum back-pay award, is vacated and remanded where district courts may, at their discretion, 'gross up' a lump-sum payment in employment discrimination suits to account for a prevailing employee's resulting increased tax liability.

November 8, 2017

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More Wells Fargo workers allege retaliation for whistleblowing

Why billionaires destroy jobs

DNAinfo and Gothamist Are Shut Down After Vote to Unionize

Unemployment is tumbling, but here's why some workers still can't find jobs

They’re Talking Behind My Back: Remote Workers Feel Unsupported

Capitol Hill’s sexual harassment policy ‘toothless,’ ‘a joke’

Booker calls on antitrust regulators to start paying attention to workers

In a Superstar Economy, a Bull Market in Superstar Harassers

In a First, New York Bans Salary Queries to Fight Gender Pay Gap

Tipping May Be the Norm, but Not for Hotel Housekeepers

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