Political action and immigration issues are staying at the forefront of the news. Let Workplace Fairness help you keep up with what's changing and what's not. WF Senior Advisor, Paula Brantner, has spoken with numerous news outlets about how political speech and action can affect your job, and what your rights are. See the latest article below at WF in the News, and check out our page on Retaliation for Political Activity. See our new Undocumented Workers page to find out more about what rights undocumented workers in the U.S. still have.

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Read this before making a First Amendment protest at work like Colin Kaepernick


The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, expression, assembly and the right to petition. The amendment prohibits the government from interfering in the free exercise of speech and religion.That’s why it may give government employees additional protection, since any action against an employee may be considered government action, said Paula Brantner, a senior adviser at Workplace Fairness, an employment law nonprofit.

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NFL Players Association Responds to Attacks on Free Speech

Kenneth Quinnell

Supreme Court opens its new term with a direct attack on workers’ rights

Ian Millhiser

This Lawyer Helped Reagan Bust the Air Traffic Controllers Union. Now Trump Wants Him on the NLRB.

Michael Arria

Seattle's minimum wage increase deals a blow to yet another Republican scare tactic

Laura Clawson

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Roybal v. Toppenish School District

Reversing the grant of summary judgment to the plaintiff pursuant to the district court's erroneous ruling that a school district violated a principal's due process rights when it failed to comply with procedures required under state law relating to the reduction of his salary and holding that the court lacks jurisdiction to review the denial of qualified immunity as to First Amendment retaliation claims.

September 28, 2017

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