Can your political views get you fired? Workers across the country are asking that question a lot these days as they navigate our current political climate. Check out our Workplace Fairness Senior Advisor in her recent radio interview with KOGO News Radio 600 San Diego. Issues of Retaliation for Political Activity as well as Privacy in the Workplace are discussed in the interview and at Workplace Fairness.

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Can Your Political Views Affect Your Job?

KOGO News Radio 600 San Diego

Workplace Fairness Senior Advisor Paula Brantner discusses protections, and lack thereof, for workers who attend rallies, post political views on social media or voice political opinions at work.

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9th Circuit Revists Ruling on Unequal Pay in Some Situations

Passman &. Kaplan, PC, Attorneys At Law

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Diego v. City of Los Angeles

Reversing a four million dollar damages verdict in the case of two police officers who complained that the LAPD engaged in discrimination against Hispanic officers because their claims had been based on an improper legal theory and failed to submit sufficient evidence in support of their claim of retaliation.

September 21, 2017

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