There is backlash against the transgender military ban, and the administration is paying no mind to the gender wage gap. Stay with Workplace Fairness and Workplace Week for the latest developments in the news and the law. We're keeping our FAQ's current to help workers know their rights.

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How do you deal with bigotry from a boss?


“It may be every day you’re asked to do something as a person of color that your coworkers in the same situation are not asked to do,” Paula Brantner, a senior adviser to the Workplace Fairness advocacy nonprofit and veteran employment lawyer, told Moneyish. “Or your work is not being recognized in the same way. Or you are not being asked to socialize or be mentored or given the same opportunities to advance in the company.”

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Ivanka Trump supports her father’s decision to stop monitoring the wage gap

Elham Khatami

Wisconsin’s Foxconn Deal Enriches Billionaires With Taxpayer Cash

Sam Pizzigati

Trump’s transgender military ban met with backlash

Amanda Michelle Gomez

Why Defending Workers’ Rights Means Fighting ICE’s Deportation Machine

Michael Arria

The Skies Just Got Friendlier for Working People: Worker Wins

Kenneth Quinnell

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Centro de la Comunidad Hispana de Locust Valley v. The Town of Oyster Bay

Affirming that an ordinance passed by a town to regulate the roadside solicitation of employment did not comply with the First Amendment of the constitution and granting injunctive relief to the plaintiff organizations working to advance the interests of day laborers.

OTO, LLC. v. Kho

Reversing the trial court's denial of a petition to compel arbitration in the case of a former employee who was seeking unpaid wages pursuant to an arbitration agreement the former employer had their employee execute while employed by them because the agreement satisfied the requirements of affordability and accessibility.

August 31, 2017

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Uber drivers have made more than $50M in the first month of tipping

Morgan Lewis Partner Said to Be Up for Labor Board Seat

Hollywood Fails Latest Test of Diversity With Fall TV Lineup

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