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Racial & Gender Biases in Corporate America

A Just Cause

Although the American system of justice is the most-respected worldwide, it is still a system designed, and operated, by humans, which means it's not perfect. Lamont, Cliff, and Lisa will highlight ongoing struggles against "the system" and what happens when justice miscarries against our American citizens. On June 27, 2017 Workplace Fairness Senior Advisor, Paula Brantner, and others discuss sex and race discrimination in the workplace.

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If Trump Has His Way, You’ll Certainly Miss This Agency You Probably Don’t Even Know Exists

Maitreyi Anantharaman

Kellyanne Conway says people who lose Medicaid should just find better jobs. It’s not that simple.

Aaron Rupar

Veto the Cold-Hearted Health Bill

Leo Gerard

Trump reversal of Obama-era labor rule is great news for corporations

Casey Quinlan

Seattle's $15 minimum wage raised pay with zero effect on restaurant jobs, new study shows

Laura Clawson

The House GOP health care bill is a job killer, says a new report

Amanda Michelle Gomez

Fox News faces new legal trouble for sexual harassment

Laurel Raymond

Tell the Labor Department Not to Repeal the Persuader Rule

Kenneth Quinnell

A Day in the Life of a Day Laborer

Stephen Franklin

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Husman v. Toyota

In the case of a Toyota executive manager who alleged that they were terminated on account of his employer's sexual orientation and statements about the company's commitment to diversity, the trial court's grant of summary judgment in favor of defendant is: 1) reversed where sufficient evidence had been submitted to establish that prejudice was a substantial motivating factor in the termination; but 2) affirmed where plaintiff failed to raise a triable issue of material fact to support his retaliation and common law tort claim.

Guido v. Mount Lemmon Fire Dist.

In an action brought by two firefighter captains under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, brought against a political subdivision, the district court's summary judgment in favor of defendants is reversed where a political subdivision of a State need not have twenty or more employees in order to qualify as an employer subject to the requirements of the ADEA.

Kao v. Joy Holiday

In an employment action alleging breach of contract and violation of federal and state statutes regulating wages and overtime pay, the trial court's judgment against plaintiff is reversed where plaintiff is entitled to compensation under the wage statutes, making an equitable remedy unnecessary.

June 30, 2017

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The Women Tasked With Fixing Uber Speak Out About The Challenges Ahead

Labor Secretary, Senators Spar Over Trump Budget Cuts

Labor Department Rethinking Obama-Era Overtime Pay Rule

Trump announces pick for last open labor board seat

Blue State Trio Joins Appeal Court Fight Over Gay Rights at Work

Trump pushes U.S. labor board toward Republican control

Tight job market is good for felons, people with disabilities and others who are hard to employ. But can it last?

Google, CBS, Viacom Back Legal Shield for Gay Workers

Efforts Increase To Bring Health And Other Benefits To Independent Workers

LGBTQ Workers Still Face Legal Discrimination

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