Despite the passing of Fox News' Roger Ailes, sexual harassment is unfortunately alive and well. Workplace Fairness provides the latest developments in high-profile sexual harassment cases, including information about the arbitration clauses which silence those targeted for harassment. We continue to be an important resource for those who want to learn more about workplace harassment.

Workplace Fairness offers easy-to-read workers’ rights information in every area of employment law, and tracks the most current news in the employment law sector. We help over 4 million workers per year get the information they need about their rights in the workplace and connect them with employment law attorneys. Visit our site and share us on social media to help us help workers and their advocates.

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MO: Employment Discrimination and Opiate Abuse Enforcement in Workers' Comp Bill Package

“Organizations like Workplace Fairness in employment discrimination and workers' compensation are important because people don't know about or think about what their rights are until something bad happens, which is especially true in the workers' compensation situation because you hopefully have never been injured before,"

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Trump’s rollback of environmental rules will fail to bring back coal, report says

Mark Hand

Want To Speak Out About Politics at Work? Here Are 3 Things You Need to Know.

Leo Gertner and Sam Wheeler

Bosses are stealing billions from their workers' paychecks, but it's not treated like a crime

Laura Clawson

A Winning Week for Corporations and Wall Street—Paid for by Your Health and Retirement

Shaun OBrien

Immigrant Nurses Demand Equal Pay—And Win

Samantha Winslow

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Oliveira v. New Prime, Inc

In an employment class action alleging violations the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), 29 U.S.C. section 201-219, as well as the Missouri minimum-wage statute, raising two questions of first impression, the district court's denial of defendant's motion to compel arbitration is affirmed where: 1) when a federal district court is confronted with a motion to compel arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), 9 U.S.C. sections 1-16, in a case where the parties have delegated questions of arbitrability to the arbitrator, the court must first determine whether the FAA applies before compelling arbitration under the FAA; and 2) a provision of the FAA that exempts contracts of employment of transportation workers from the FAA's coverage, the section 1 exemption, applies to a transportation-worker agreement that establishes or purports to establish an independent-contractor relationship

May 23, 2017

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