Workplace Fairness tells you what's going on in the workplace world -- and there's a lot going on! This week, Congress took up bills to eliminate reporting requirements of labor violations for federal contractors (we lost) and will by the end of the week consider whether to enact significant class action restrictions making it harder for employment and civil rights plaintiffs to proceed. The Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act was introduced this week, and millions of working people will be kissing their insurance plan goodbye. Gretchen Carlson appeared on Capitol Hill to fight forced arbitration, and workplace advocates are gearing up to ensure that Labor Secretary nominee Alexander Acosta's record is closely scrutinized before next Wednesday's hearing. While the attacks on employee rights just don't stop -- neither does Workplace Fairness, so stay tuned to Workplace Week for the latest developments.
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Acosta Labor Department May Go Light on Litigation

Bloomberg BNA

The employer community has been expecting the Labor Department to take a more collaborative approach to enforcement of wage-and-hour, workplace safety and other laws since President Donald Trump was elected in November. There’s still not much information on how Acosta views big-ticket issues, such as a pending rule to make some 4 million workers newly eligible for overtime pay, but his prior government service and public statements suggest that the former prosecutor may look to ensure compliance without pursuing litigation.

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On International Women’s Day, not all women can go on strike

Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

Congress’ Cuts in Health Care Will Hit Women Harder

Shaun O Brien

Labor Department goes silent on workplace safety enforcement under Trump

Laura Clawson


Amy Daniewicz

House GOP’s Bill to Eliminate Nearly All Class Actions Would Encourage More Ponzi Schemes & Other Corporate Cheating

Paul Bland

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Gateway Community Charters v. Spiess

In a wage dispute between a former at-will employee and charter school defendant, a nonprofit public benefit corporation that operates charter schools, the trial court's award to plaintiff of penalties pursuant to Labor Code section 203 is affirmed where an defendant does not qualify as an 'other municipal corporation' for purposes of Labor Code section 220(b) and is thereby not exempt from assessment of waiting time penalties described in section 203.

Beck v. Stratton

In an attorney's fees portion of a labor case, in which plaintiff received an award of unpaid wages and penalties against his former employer, the trial court's grant of attorney's fees to plaintiff is affirmed over defendant's arguments that the motion for attorney's fees -- filed by plaintiff under Labor Code section 98.2 58 days after defendant's unsuccessful appeal -- was untimely because the case was a limited civil case, and even if the motion was timely, the fee award was unreasonably high and unsupported by competent billing evidence.

March 15, 2017

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The Future of the Department of Labor Under Trump

Word on the Hill: Carlson to Push Forced Arbitration Clauses

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