It's been a hard week at Workplace Fairness. We lost a fierce advocate in Penny Nathan Kahan who as a member of our board, had a lasting impact on our identity by suggesting we call it "Workplace Fairness." And we're witnessing the daily erosion of workers rights and civil rights with the nomination of Cabinet members like Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions, Tom Price, and Andy Puzder and new restrictions and procedures impacting the work of career federal employees. Puzder's hearing on his nomination for Labor Secretary has been set for next Wednesday, February 16. Be sure to read Workplace Week, follow our social media channels, and visit the Workplace Fairness website for the latest on Puzder's nomination and important developments impacting workers rights.
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Many possible factors led to racial discrimination case against Dept. of Corrections, advocate says


Any number of factors could have played into the alleged racial discrimination that resulted in a former Pennsylvania Department of Corrections director of equal employment opportunity’s decision to file a lawsuit against the department and individual defendants, according to Workplace Fairness senior adviser Paula Brantner.

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Workplace Fairness Says Goodbye to Former Board Member Penny Nathan Kahan

Paula Brantner

Americans are now twice as likely to work in solar as in coal

Jeremy Deaton

The Economy Adds 227,000 Jobs in January, and Unemployment Little Changed at 4.8%

Kenneth Quinnell

Republican Victory in Missouri Means “Right-to-Work” For Less

Bruce Vail

Social Media is a Danger Zone for the Healthcare Industry

Ellen Gipko

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Mayes v. WinCo Holdings, Inc.

In an employment action alleging gender discrimination claims under Title VII and the Idaho Human Rights Act, a claim under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, and wage claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Idaho Wage Claim Act, the district court's grant of summary judgment to employer-defendant is reversed where: 1) as to the gender discrimination claims, plaintiff presented sufficient evidence that defendant's proffered reasons for terminating her were pretextual because she offered ample direct evidence of discriminatory animus, as well as specific and substantial indirect evidence challenging the credibility of defendant's motives; 2) as to the COBRA claim, there was a genuine dispute of fact regarding the true reason for the plaintiff's termination; and 3) summary judgment was improper on the state and federal wage claims.

Sheng v. MTBank Corp.

In an employment action claiming violations of various state and federal statutes by not allowing plaintiff to work remotely when she became pregnant, the district court's judgment in favor of defendant is: 1) vacated in part as to the adoption of the jury verdict where the district court abused its discretion in admitting evidence of the reinstatement offer because the offer was, as a matter of law, not unconditional; and 2) vacated as to the disqualification order where the district court erred in sua sponte disqualifying the attorneys, because the disqualification depended on the erroneous admission of evidence relating to the reinstatement offer. The appeal is dismissed insofar as it pertains to claims under the Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) where we lack jurisdiction over appellant’s challenge to the district court’s NYSHRL ruling.

February 9, 2017

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How to Close a Gender Gap: Let Employees Control Their Schedules

How to Close a Gender Gap: Let Employees Control Their Schedules

Trump Administration Puts Support Behind Right-to-Work Laws

President Trump's Missing Labor Secretary

Trump aides might be considering a major change to the president’s maternity leave plan

How The Fast-Food Chain Led By Trump’s Labor Nominee Stiffed Workers Again And Again

The Ivy League's Gender Pay-Gap Problem

Trump just signed an order that could roll back a rule intended to protect Main Street's retirement money

Minimum-Wage Increases May Deliver the Best Wage Growth In Eight Years

Labor Department Employees Revolt

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