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This page contains archived content.

Case Websites

Kaiser Site Support Specialist Unpaid Overtime Class Action Lawsuit


Godinez v. Tommy Bahama Complaint


Maia v. Peet's Complaint


MALDEF Carwash Complaint


Clean Carwash Campaign


Indian Tech Industry Workers


Coneff v. AT&T Wireless Case Information


MF Global Case Information


Mario Batali Case Information


U.S. and Vulcan Society vs. City of New York Case Page


Order on Back Pay, U.S. and Vulcan Society


Hooters California Litigation


Simpson v. Sanderson Farms Commentary


Menards Class Action Settlement Agreement


ARISE Chicago Rolf's Press Release


Luiken v. Domino’s Pizza, LLC, Order for Class Certification


EEOC Bureau of Prisons Report


Merrill Lynch Race Discrimination Lawsuits


McClain v. Lufkin Industries, Inc. Information


Pittsburgh Glass Works Class Certification Motion


Immigrant Trafficking Complaint


Ruth's Chris Complaint


Fox Searchlight


Medical Marijuana, A Cure, Not a Crime


EEOC v. Texas Roadhouse Complaint


Eller v. National Football League


Iowa Race Class Action


Swift Transportation Complaint


EEOC Press Release: 3M


Graniterock Tentative Statement of Decision


Warehouse Workers for Justice


Warehouse Workers for Justice is a new organization founded to win justice for warehouse and logistics workers in Illinois. We are an independent workers center founded by the United Electrical Workers (UE) after the successful plant occupation at Republic Windows and Doors in December, 2008. We provide workshops so warehouse workers can educate themselves about workplace rights, unite warehouse workers to defend their rights on the job, build community support for the struggles of warehouse workers and fight for policy changes to improve the lives of warehouse workers and members of our communities. Our fiscal sponsor is the UE Research and Education Fund.

Audio Briefing from National Women's Law Center


SCOTUSBlog coverage


Wachovia Gender Discrimination Website


Karp v. Cigna Healthcare Complaint


Eighth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report


Now in its eighth annual edition, Seyfarth’s Workplace Class Action Litigation Report examines the theoretical and strategic uncertainties stemming from the Supreme Court’s employment law and class action rulings in 2011, and the challenges they pose for companies and their defense counsel. The Report also makes clear that workplace lawsuit filings rose on nearly every front last year, from Fair Labor Standards Act and ERISA to government enforcement actions, with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission setting a new record for discrimination charges brought against private-sector employers in a single year. Seyfarth notes that the Supreme Court’s decision in Wal-Mart Stores v. Dukes, handed down last June, has already been cited more than 260 times in federal and state court opinions, and AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion has been cited 215 times - remarkable figures for rulings less than a year old. Dukes, which established a new standard for certifying class actions, and Concepcion, which held that federal arbitration law supersedes limitations imposed by individual states, opened the floodgates to a wave a new case law developments in class actions and class arbitrations, which will continue to evolve in the coming year and impact litigants for years to come.

TV Writers Settlement Agreement


Toshiba Class Action Complaint


Dukes v. Walmart


Supreme Court set to hear this term! The Dukes case involves the biggest employment discrimination class action ever filed in the US. With up to 1.5 million potential class members, Dukes tests the bounds of what similarities must be shared by class members in order to certify a class - although it is unclear if the Supreme Court will rule on this question. The lawsuit alleges that Wal-Mart discriminated against its female employees in its promotion and pay practices. Class members represent every level of employee in the company, from hourly store clerks to salaried managers, as well as employees from more than 3400 stores across the country. Wal-Mart challenged the certification of the class, claiming among other things that the class size is unmanageable and coercive - unmanageable because it would be virtually impossible for the company to defend itself against that many claims and coercive because a class that big forces the company into settling the claims rather than spend the money to litigate the action. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled en banc to uphold the certification of the class. The US Supreme Court granted cert in December and oral arguments are expected in March 2011.

Wal-Mart Case Developments


Press Release: EEOC v. Sears


The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announced court approval of the distribution of a $6,200,000 compensation fund in the landmark Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) litigation between the EEOC and Sears, Roebuck & Co. The distribution is being carried out pursuant to the terms of a consent decree approved by Federal District Judge Wayne Anderson on September 29, 2009. In its lawsuit against Sears, the EEOC had alleged that Sears maintained an inflexible workers? compensation leave exhaustion policy and terminated employees instead of providing them with reasonable accommodations for their disabilities, in violation of the ADA. The case resulted in the largest ADA settlement in a single lawsuit in EEOC history.

Madison Avenue Project


TV Writers Age Cases


Hester v. Vision Airlines Class Notice


Sixth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report


The sixth annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report by Seyfarth Shaw LLP, one of America?s leading full-service law firms, analyzes class action and collective action court rulings of 2009 involving claims against employers in federal and state courts. The key class action and collective action settlements over the past year are also analyzed, both in terms of gross settlement dollars in private plaintiff and government-initiated lawsuits, as well as injunctive relief provisions in consent decrees. The report analyzes 715 decisions in its comprehensive analysis of class action litigation rulings.

Phone Company Dials Wrong Number on Employee Overtime




Wal-Mart MDL Settlement Website


Two settlements have been proposed in a consolidated class action lawsuit pending in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada. One group of lawsuits alleges that Wal-Mart did not provide the Class Members with full, uninterrupted rest breaks and meal periods and did not pay the Class Members for all the time they worked (the ?State Lawsuit?). The other lawsuit alleges claims under ERISA (?King Lawsuit?) on behalf of 401(k) retirement plans and their participants. Although Wal-Mart denies the allegations in all of the lawsuits, the parties to all of the cases have agreed to a settlement. The Court has preliminarily approved the settlement and has conditionally certified a Settlement Classes in accordance with the proposed Settlement Agreements.



No matter where you work: a nightclub, topless bar, Cabaret, or Gentlemen's Club - or what job: hostess, waitress, showgirl, topless or nude dancer - you have rights under the law that your employer must follow.

Walmart Iowa Class Action


Savaglio v. Wal-Mart Special Verdict Form


On December 22, 2005, after a three and a half month jury trial in Alameda County Superior Court, THE FURTH FIRM LLP obtained a class action verdict on behalf of 115,919 California hourly Wal-Mart workers. The jury awarded $57,268,673 in compensatory damages for Wal-Mart?s failure to provide meal breaks, and $115 million in punitive damages.

John Hancock Settlement


This Website serves as an informational hub for the proposed settlement of the class action lawsuit, Norflet v. John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Case No. 3:04cv1099 (JBA), which is pending in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut (the "Court").

John Deere Flex Retirees Association


EEOC Press Release: UPS


EEOC Press Release: Mars Super Markets


Bezio v. General Electric Decision and Order


Fifth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report


The fifth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report by Seyfarth Shaw LLP, one of America`s leading full-service law firms, analyzes the foremost class action and collective action decisions of 2008 involving claims against employers in federal and state courts. The key class action and collective action settlements over the past year are also analyzed, both in terms of gross settlement dollars in private plaintiff and government-initiated lawsuits, as well as injunctive relief provisions in consent decrees. Seyfarth Shaw`s fifth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report analyzes 650 decisions in its comprehensive examination of class action litigation.

Year-End Update on Class Actions


Class action lawsuits are an increasingly pervasive force in today's business world. Defending and defeating these cases efficiently and prudently is a top priority for many in-house legal teams and their outside counsel. This year-end update reports on key trends in class action practice. It provides an overview of Rule 23, reviews key class action decisions from 2008, and identifies important class action issues likely to be litigated in 2009 and in the years ahead.

Werth, et al, v. Heller Ehrman Complaint


EPA Region VII Class Action


Clopton, et al. v. EPA: EPA employees over age 40, represented by Class Agents Carol A. Clopton and Emajo Mayberry, have sued Region VII of the Environmental Protection Agency before the EEOC for age and racial discrimination in training, advancement and other opportunities and benefits.

Employment Discrimination Plaintiffs in Federal Court: From Bad to Worse?


Skycaps Tips Cases


Calhoun v. Fastenal Company


Gender Lawsuit Against Smith Barney


Walsh v. Apple, Inc.


Dell Call Centers Litigation


SSH and our co-counsel Johnson, Clifton, Larson & Schaller represent call center employees in a wage and hour class action against Dell. The case is David Norman et.al v. Dell, Inc, et. al.. Case No. 6:07-CV-6026-TC filed in U.S. District Court in Eugene, Oregon. The class representatives are David Norman and Walter Romas, both of Roseburg, Oregon. The lawsuit alleges that Dell consistently violates federal and state wage and hour laws by failing to accurately record all time worked and failing to pay earned wages and overtime.

EEOC v. Cheesecake Factory Complaint


Shannon Liss-Riordan and Rob Wood discuss challenging TripAdvisor labor practices


Polo Class Action


The lawsuit alleges that Polo has engaged in practices that violate California labor laws and California business laws, including the following: ? Polo uses fraud in its hiring process, promising wages and other benefits of employment to employees that are not fully paid or honored. ? Polo detains employees in its stores after hours to conduct loss prevention searches. Employees are forced to remain in Polo?s stores for between 15 and 30 minutes, often with the doors locked, during which time they are not being paid. ? Polo misclassifies its employees as commissioned salespersons and fails to pay them premium overtime wages. ? Polo used an illegal arrearages program that takes back wages that have been previously paid to employees. ? Polo fails to permit employees to take rest breaks and uses coercion to make certain employees are on the sales floor during their mandatory rest breaks. ? Polo has breached employment contracts with its employees regarding wages to be paid. ? Polo has failed to timely pay all wages due to employees who resigned or who were terminated. ? Polo has violated California?s Unfair Competition Laws by engaging in illegal conduct toward its employees.

Morgan Stanley Gender Discrimination Case


On October 26, 2007, Judge Richard Roberts, United States District Judge for the District of Columbia, approved a settlement with Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated f/k/a Morgan Stanley DW Inc., on behalf of approximately 2,700 women Financial Advisors and Registered Financial Advisor Trainees employed at Morgan Stanley at any time since August 5, 2003.

Big Victory for Wal-Mart's Minnesota Workers


On July 1, 2008, Judge Robert R. King, Jr. of the Dakota County District Court issued his findings and verdict in the seven year legal battle led by Maslon attorneys, Justin Perl and Jon Parritz, together with Bill Sieben of the Schwebel Goetz & Sieben Firm, to enforce the contractual and statutory rights of Minnesota?s Wal-Mart workers.

Doe v. Deja Vu Wage Complaint


Ward v. Albertsons Class Action Settlement


An agreement has been reached to settle all claims in the case titled Joanne Kay Ward, et al. v. Albertsons, Inc. The Ward case is a wage and hour class action that began eight years ago and involves employees who quit or were discharged at Albertsons, Lucky and Sav-on stores in California between September 29, 1996, and December 31, 2004.

Sun Trust Overtime Pay Litigation


This overtime pay case is brought on behalf of current and former Client Technical Support employees who were paid on a salary basis without receiving time and one half premium pay by defendant for work hours over forty in a work week, and who worked in positions that defendant reclassified as "non-exempt."

Truckers Overtime Pay Cases


If you are a long-haul trucker employed by a Interstate Distributor or any other Washington-based trucking company, and your employer is not paying you overtime, contact Bendich Stobaugh & Strong for a free evaluation of your potential claim.

FedEx Watch


FedEx undermines the progress earned by American workers. FedEx makes promises but avoids responsibilities. FedEx takes the profit but shifts the cost onto its workers. The Teamsters will help secure FedEx workers' rights.

Race Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Against McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants


On May 11, 2006, Plaintiffs Juanita Wynne, the only African-American server at Spenger's Fresh Fish Grotto in Berkeley, California, and Dante Byrd, a qualified African-American job applicant who was denied a position, filed a nationwide race discrimination class action lawsuit against McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurants.

Gender Lawsuit Against Smith Barney


We are pleased to announce that, after over three years of hard-fought litigation, the parties have reached a proposed settlement in our gender discrimination case against Smith Barney, Amochaev, et al. v. Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. d/b/a Smith Barney, Case No. C- 05-1298 PJH.

EEOC Press Release: Walgreens


A federal judge has granted final approval of a sweeping consent decree resolving a class race discrimination lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against Walgreen Co., the Deerfield, Ill.-based national drug store chain. The decree, one of the largest monetary settlements in a race case by the EEOC, provides for the payment of over $24 million to a class of thousands of African American workers and orders comprehensive injunctive relief designed to improve the company?s promotion and store assignment practices.

Sterling Jewelers


Sterling Jewelers, the nation?s largest chain of jewelry stores, was charged with committing widespread sex discrimination against its female retail sales employees in a class action lawsuit filed by Cohen Milstein, along with co-lead counsel Burr & Smith and Thomas A. Warren, in federal court in the Southern District of New York on March 18, 2008.

FREE ME Advocates (Eli Lilly)


FREE ME Advocates is an organization helping to preserve and promote employee rights. This website provides information about job rights and employment issues around the Eli Lilly Class Action Lawsuit and in all 50 states. It is for workers, employers, advocates, policymakers, journalists, and anyone else who wants to understand, protect, and strengthen workers' rights, especially those of minority employees. Register now and help make the American Dream a reality for all working people.

Southern Poverty Law Center Lawsuit: Indian Guest Workers


Hundreds of guestworkers from India, lured by false promises of permanent U.S. residency, paid tens of thousands of dollars each to obtain temporary jobs at Gulf Coast shipyards only to find themselves forced into involuntary servitude and living in overcrowded, guarded labor camps, according to a class action lawsuit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education


As part of the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE), the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education plays a unique role as a bridge between the university and the labor community in Southern California.

NYC Parks Department Employment Discrimination Information


In a groundbreaking action, New York City has agreed to pay more than $21 million to settle a federal class action lawsuit alleging race and national origin discrimination against the New York City Parks Department.

Morgan Stanley Discrimination Watch


Fourth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report


The fourth Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report by national law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP analyzes the leading class action and collective action decisions of 2007 involving claims against employers. The class action rulings stem from high-stakes lawsuits filed in federal courts under Title VII of the Civil Rights of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and in state courts under a host of other laws applicable to workplace issues.

EEOC Press Release re: Ford Motor Co. Settlement


Ford Motor Co., along with Visteon and Automotive Components Holdings (ACH) and the UAW, will pay $1.6 million and provide other remedial relief to a class of nearly 700 African Americans to settle a major race discrimination lawsuit over a written test used by Ford to determine the eligibility of hourly employees for a skilled trades apprenticeship program, which the EEOC charged had a disproportionately negative impact on African Americans.

EEOC E-RACE Initiative


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has championed equal opportunity in employment since its inception, shortly after the signing of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Although the Commission has been successful in its enforcement efforts, race and color discrimination continues to exist in the workplace. In an effort to identify and implement new strategies that will strengthen its enforcement of Title VII and advance the statutory right to a workplace free of race and color discrimination, EEOC is instituting the E-RACE Initiative.

Woodward Governor Class Action


Fed-Ex Couriers: Join Class Action Suit


Time is Running Out for FedEx Couriers Wanting to Join a Class Action Lawsuit Against Age Discrimination

Seyfarth Shaw: Third Annual Workplace Class Action Report


The third Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report by national law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP examining leading class action and collective action decisions in 2006 involving workplace issues definitively notes that the leading trends that defined 2006 will continue in 2007: federal and state courts faced a myriad of new theories and defenses in ruling on class action and collective action litigation issues, employment class action and collective action litigation has become more sophisticated and will remain a source of significant financial exposure to employers well into the future.

Wal-Mart Class Website


Attention - present and former female employees of Wal-Mart or Sam's Club: Wal-Mart Case Is Not Over: Regional Class Actions filed in California and Texas and EEOC charges may still be filed

EEOC Press Release - Target


E-Loan Settlement


Cooper v. IBM Proposed Settlement


Gender Class Action Against Costco


A nationwide employment discrimination class action lawsuit has been filed against Costco Wholesale Corporation. The suit charges that Costco operates a "glass ceiling" at the store-management level which precludes women from obtaining promotion to assistant manager and general manager positions.



If you are over 42 years old, don't bother to apply to become the next "Apprentice". It appears that Mr. Trump and Mr. Burnett don't want you. In six seasons, including the latest one called "Apprentice LA", 106 people out of approximately one hundred thousand applicants have been selected as finalists for these jobs. Not even one finalist was over 42 years old. Mr. Trump and Mr. Burnett are apparently not interested in even considering older job seekers, even though many of them are more qualified than the people who have been selected to become Apprentice finalists. The lawsuit was filed in Boston Federal Court on January 4, 2007. It seeks to be certified as a class-action. We encourage anyone over 40 years old who has previously applied to "The Apprentice", to contact us.

Pharmaceutical Rep Overtime Cases


Current and former Pharmaceutical Representatives are initiating individual and class action lawsuits alleging that they are entitled to overtime compensation because their employers improperly classified them as exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and similar state laws. Under the FLSA, non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime compensation for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week, even if they are paid guaranteed salaries.

Doe v. Wal-Mart Complaint


Novartis Class Action Complaint


Ishman v. Featherlite, Inc.


Nurse Wages Cases


Ingram v. Coca-Cola: Fifth Annual Report of the Task Force


Wynn Dealers


This website is maintained by a group of dealers at Wynn Las Vegas. Its purpose is to keep Wynn employees, Wynn shareholders, and interested parties informed about the progress of the class action lawsuit against Wynn Las Vegas, LLC.

Boeing Class Action


Keepseagle Race Discrimination


On November 24, 1999, thousands of Native American farmers and ranchers brought a case against the USDA, alleging that they have been systematically denied the same opportunities to obtain farm loans and farm loan servicing that have been routinely afforded white farmers. Plaintiffs further allege that the USDA denied them the opportunity to obtain redress for this discrimination by dismantling its civil rights office, thereby refusing to accept or destroying scores of civil rights complaints made by Native American farmers and ranchers.

Eli Lilly Class Action


Rose & Rose is representing the plaintiffs in a federal class action lawsuit known as Cassandra WELCH et al. v. ELI LILLY Co. The lawsuit alleges that a class of African American employees of Lilly have been victims of unlawful discrimination.

Gender Lawsuit Against Morgan Stanley




Allstate Agents Pension Fund Cutback Class Action


Allstate Agents Litigation Website


Chrysler Temporary Workers


Wal-Mart Pennsylvania Class Action


If you are a current or former employee of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (including Wal-Mart Discount Stores, Supercenters and SAM?s Clubs), in Pennsylvania during the period March 19, 1998 through the present, you may be part of the class action lawsuit described below. Plaintiffs Michelle Braun and Dolores Hummel commenced this class action lawsuit (Braun v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., et al., March 2002 Term, No. 3127 and Hummel v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. et al., August 2004 Term, No. 3757) in the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia County. Plaintiffs commenced this class action lawsuit on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated to seek redress for missed rest and meal breaks and off-the-clock work from their former employer, Wal-Mart. Plaintiffs allege causes of action for breach of contract, violation of the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Lage, violation of the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Act, restitution, and unjust enrichment.

Bates v. UPS Fact Sheet


In 1999, a nationwide class action suit was filed by Disability Rights Advocates and Schneider and Wallace on behalf of hundreds of deaf applicants and employees of United Parcel Service (UPS). The suit sought to end widespread discrimination faced by the deaf employees and applicants at UPS in relation to promotion opportunities, communication barriers, and exclusion from entire job classifications, such as driving positions.

Trollinger, et al. v. Tyson Foods RICO Complaint


This is a class action brought on behalf of all persons legally authorized to be employed in the United States (?U.S.?) who have been employed by defendant Tyson Foods, Inc. (Tyson), reportedly the world?s largest processor and marketer of poultry, as hourly wage earners at 15 of its facilities throughout the U.S. during the last four years. The Complaint contends that all such persons have been victimized by a scheme perpetrated by Tyson to depress the wages paid to its employees by knowingly hiring a workforce substantially comprised of undocumented illegal immigrants for the express purpose of depressing wages.

Wells Fargo Overtime Wages Class Action


This federal class action lawsuit charges that global financial services corporation Wells Fargo has a common practice of refusing to pay overtime compensation to its business systems automation and production support workers in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The proposed class consists of thousands of current and former employees with the title of Business Systems Consultants and Business Systems Analysts employed by Wells Fargo across America. The plaintiffs, Wells Fargo business systems employees, allege that Wells Fargo unlawfully characterizes its employees who automate business processes and provide production support as exempt in order to deprive them of overtime pay.

Woodward Governor Class Action


This web site relates to the class action lawsuit pending in federal court in Rockford, Illinois against Woodward Governor Company and includes basic information about the case.

Overtime Pay Lawsuit Against IBM


On January 24, 2006, current and former IBM technical support employees filed a class action lawsuit against IBM alleging it failed to pay overtime wages in violation of federal and state labor laws. Plaintiffs charge that IBM illegally treats its employees who install, maintain or support computer software or equipment as "exempt" under federal and state labor laws so it does not have to pay them overtime. The amended class action complaint alleges violations of federal law on behalf of a nationwide class of IBM high tech workers as well as violations of the labor laws of California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York on behalf of classes of IBM workers in each respective state.

Lowe's Class Action


Two groups of current and former Lowe's employees have started class action lawsuits. If you are a current or former Lowe's employee, you may be entitled to overtime payments through this lawsuit. The lawsuit was brought after a team of attorneys investigated Lowe's practices and concluded that Lowe's systematically failed to pay proper overtime to its employees.

C.H. Robinson Gender Discrimination Case


This website, created by the law firm of Sprenger & Lang, PLLC, provides information on the status of Carlson, et al. v. C.H. Robinson, Worldwide, Inc., a civil action that has been filed in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota. The Second Amended Complaint alleges, among other things, that C.H. Robinson engaged in systemic gender discrimination against women with respect to branch compensation, promotions and the work environment in violation of Title VII, and failed to pay overtime wages to female branch employees in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The complaint requests injunctive, declaratory and monetary relief, and seeks ?class action? status for the Title VII claims and ?collective action? status for the FLSA claims.

FedEx Drivers Lawsuit


"Stand Your Ground" is published as a public service by the team representing the courageous and hard working former and current drivers (and their families) for FedEx Ground/Home Delivery. The website is primarily focused on providing the most reliable and timely information about the national class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of thousands of drivers against FedEx Ground/HD. The suit, now pending in Federal Court in South Bend, Indiana, seeks justice for all the men and women who signed on as independent contractors only to find themselves without any independence. The dispute is not just about being misclassified, but being forced to personally shoulder millions in expenses - from uniforms to insurance and benefits - that FedEx pays for its other "employees."

Rite Aid Associates


Scott Cole & Associates, APC has filed an action against Rite Aid Corporation on behalf of its salaried store managers. It is alleged that the nation?s third largest drug store chain failed to pay overtime to these workers and denied them their meal and rest periods. We serve as sole counsel for the proposed class.

Costco Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit


A nationwide employment discrimination class action lawsuit has been filed against Costco Wholesale Corporation. The suit charges that Costco operates a "glass ceiling" at the store-management level which precludes women from obtaining promotion to assistant manager and general manager positions.

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