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Share your story with Workplace Fairness

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Tell Your Story to Workplace Fairness!

These days, very few media outlets bother to turn the spotlight on the issues that most affect the American worker. A critical part of Workplace Fairness's mission is to tell that story, to keep the sun shining on employees and workers, who are the foundations of the American economy. Stories about the experiences of real people help make difficult and often complex policy issues understandable to a broader group. Reporters and policy makers find the stories useful to better illustrate the everyday struggles that Americans face concerning their employment. If you wish to tell your story to Workplace Fairness and no one else, we will add it to our database to inform our understanding of workplace issues.

If you have a workplace story to share, please do so here. We will not give your contact information to any outside entities or publish any information without your express approval.

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(Please note, Workplace Fairness does not operate a lawyer referral service and does not provide legal advice, so this is not a guarantee that you will be contacted by a legal representative.)