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Resources Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide

By attorneys of the law firm of Passman And Kaplan
615 pages

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Federal Employees Legal Survival GuideNEW SECOND EDITION!
Understanding job rights often can be difficult, especially for those working in the public sector. This comprehensive book, first published by Workplace Fairness and authored by the lawyers of Passman & Kaplan in 1999, has been called the definitive how-to guide for enforcing the rights of federal employees. The Legal Survival Guide gives federal employees a better understanding of these rights with tips and advice for coping with legal problems at federal agencies. It includes chapters on virtually all of the subjects of concern to federal employees and their advocates including health benefits, retirement, performance appraisals, MSPB and EEOC procedures, discrimination, workers compensation, unions and much more.

The expanded second edition includes 100 pages of additional and useful information that no government employee should be without, including sections on internet legal research, preparing for and conducting a hearing, sample discovery requests, and up-to-date contact information for federal personnel agencies. The new edition also has a listing of frequently used civil service acronyms and practical appendices of sample forms, charts illustrating appeal rights, and commonly-needed deadlines.

While it is an invaluable resource for advocates, the Legal Survival Guide is written for federal employees and avoids the "legalese" which so often complicates an already-bewildering array of regulations and policies.

"The National Employee Rights Institute offers help to employees who are concerned about their job rights in its new book, Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide." - Federal Times

"The book provides a road map to help federal workers find their way out of that maze and onto the right path to exorcising their problems . . ." - Federal Human Resources Week

"Using a question and answer format, the book spells out exactly what benefits federal employees are entitled to." - Katy Saldarini

"Imagine lawyers who can write in English!" - Barry E. Shapiro, former Chief, Labor Management Relations Division, U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

"The overall tone of the book is sympathetic and the advice is presented in a light, noncondescending touch." - BNA Government Employee Relations Report

"This book should be a part of every employee's library." - Irwin Gerard, Retired Commissioner, Federal Mediation and Reconciliation Service

"I highly recommend this book to every federal employee." - Al Bilik, former President, Public Employees Department, AFL-CIO

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