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Workplace Fairness Pages

1. Day Laborers

Other Online Resources

2. NYC Privacy Policy: Know Your Rights

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/executive%20order%2041%20nyc%...

3. Social Security No-Match Letters: Questions and Answers for Workers

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub155%2Epdf

4. Supreme Court decision in Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub132%2Epdf

5. Immigration Status and Your Rights as a Worker

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub146%2Epdf

6. Employer Work Authorization Verification

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub147%2Epdf

7. NLRB Policy post-Hoffman Plastic: Fact Sheet for Organizers

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/Your%20Rights%20as%20a%20Unio...

8. Cartas de Notificacion de Datos Que No Concuerda

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub174%2Epdf

9. La decisión de la Corte Suprema en Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub133%2Epdf

10. ¿Qué es el ITIN y Cómo Puedo Solicitar Uno?

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub98%2Epdf

11. Social Policy Update: Security No-match and employer sanctions, what advocates need to know

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/Social%20Security%20no%2Dmatc...

12. Special issues for immigrants filing income tax returns

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/apriltax040504%2Epdf

13. Immigration Reform Proposals and Workers' Rights

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/immreform021704%2Epdf

14. Complying with Immigration Law Without Violating Employees' Rights

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/Reverification012203%5F012204...

15. Local Efforts to Encourage Immigrants to Access Essential Social Services and Cooperate with the Police Without Fear of Immigration Consequences

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/confidbrief121103%2Epdf

16. Low Pay, High Risk: State Models for Advancing Immigrant Workers' Rights

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/Low%20Pay%20High%20Risk%20120...

17. SSA "No Match" Letters: Top Ten Tips for Employers

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/SSANomatch%20top%20ten%20tips...

18. List of Key Provisions That Must Be Included in a Comprehensive Confidentiality Policy

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/Table%20of%20Key%20Confidenti...

19. Questions and Answers About New York City Council Intro. 326 "Access Without Fear"

Web: http://www.nelp.org/iwp/benefits/information_sharing/qanda.c...

20. Appendix: Low Pay High Risk: State Models for Advancing Immigrant Workers' Rights

Web: http://www.nelp.org/iwp/reform/state/testappendix.cfm

21. Undocumented Workers: Preserving Rights and Remedies after Hoffman Plastic

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/wlghoff040303%2Epdf

22. Brief to Interamerican Court of Human Rights on Hoffman Plastic Compounds v NLRB

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/Brief%20to%20interamerican%20...

23. Used and Abused: The Treatment of Undocumented Victims of Labor Law Violations Since Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/Used%20and%20Abused%20101003%...

24. Assessing the Impact of the Supreme Court's Decision in Hoffman Plastic Compounds v NLRB on Immigrant Workers and Recent Developments

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub176%2Epdf

25. Facts About the Civil Rights of Immigrant Workers to Access Department of Labor Programs and Services

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub80%2Epdf

26. Immigrants' Eligibility for Unemployment Compensation

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub124%2Epdf

27. Reverification: When May Employers Check Work Authorization?

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub138%2Epdf

28. Serving the Limited English-Speaking and Immigrants: Legal Requirements and Best Practices

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub36%2Epdf

29. 2003 State Driver's License Proposals

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/2003%5FState%5FDL%5FProposals...


Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/OVERVIEW%5FOF%5FSTATES%5F7%2D...

31. Understanding the US Supreme Court's Decision in Hoffman Plastic Compounds v. NLRB

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub118%2Epdf

32. What is the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)? Who is Eligible for an ITIN? How do Workers Get an ITIN?

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/pub78%2Epdf

33. Drivers License Policies and Proposals Impacting Immigrants

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/immigrdrivlic072104%2Epdf

34. Day labor, low-wage work, and immigrant employment opportunities in Chicago

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/day%20labor%20chicago%2Epdf

35. Day Laborers in Southern California: Preliminary Findings from the Day Labor Survey

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/Daylabor%20Los%20Angeles%2Epd...

36. Labor's Efforts to Enforce Protections for Day Laborers Could Benefit From Better Data and Guidance

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/final%20gao%20report%2Epdf

37. The Effects of Immigration and Globalization on the U.S. Garment Industry

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/humowieki%2Epdf

38. The Role of Immigrant Labor in a Changing Economy

Web: http://www.nelp.org/docUploads/duncan%2Epdf

39. Worker Rights Bulletin Inserts

Web: http://www.nicwj.org/bulletinPDFs/ENGLISHFINAL.pdf

40. Worker Rights Bulletin Inserts (Chinese)

Web: http://www.nicwj.org/bulletinPDFs/simplifiedchinese.pdf

41. Worker Rights Bulletin Inserts (Vietnamese)

Web: http://www.nicwj.org/bulletinPDFs/VIETNAMESEFINAL.pdf

42. Worker Rights Bulletin Inserts (Korean)

Web: http://www.nicwj.org/bulletinPDFs/KOREANFINAL.pdf

43. Worker Rights Bulletin Inserts (Russian)

Web: http://www.nicwj.org/bulletinPDFs/RUSSIANFINAL.pdf

44. National Immigration Law Center

Web: http://www.nilc.org/

Phone: 213-639-3911

45. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld a Nevada law that requires individuals to identify themselves to police when asked.

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ce/nilc/hiibel_alert_063004.pdf

46. Protecting Yourself Against Immigration Enforcement in California

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ce/nilc/protect_self_imm_enfrcmt_CA.pdf

47. Cómo protegerse de la aplicación de las leyes de inmigración en California

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ce/nilc/protect_self_imm_enfrcmt_CA_sp.p...

48. Protecting Yourself Against Immigration Enforcement in California (Chinese)

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ce/nilc/protecting%20yourself%20against%...

49. Protecting Your Patients Against Immigration Enforcement

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ce/nilc/protect_patients_imm_enfrcmt.pdf

50. Cómo proteger a sus pacientes de la aplicación de las leyes de inmigración

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ce/nilc/protect_patients_imm_enfrcmt_sp....

51. Protecting Your Patients Against Immigration Enforcement (Chinese)

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ce/nilc/Protecting%20Yourself%20Guide%20...

52. Immigrant Eligibility for Food Stamps in California

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ciwc/ciwc_ce/Food_Stamps.htm

53. State Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants

Web: http://www.nilc.org/ce/nonnilc/CIWC%20CAPI%20QA_8-6-03.doc

54. Facts About Immigrant Workers

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/wrkfrc_dev/factsimmworkers_...

55. Issue Brief: Workplace Rights of Undocumented Workers After the Supreme Court's Hoffman Plastic Ruling

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/Issue...

56. Model Contract Language

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/Model...

57. Checklist for Attorneys Advising or Representing Immigrant Workers

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/attor...

58. Table of Authorities on Issues Affecting Immigrant Workers

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/Table...

59. Basic Information Brief: Reverification

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/BIB_R...

60. Basic Information Brief: DHS Basic Pilot Program

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/BIB_P...

61. Classes of Immigrants Authorized to Work in the United States

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/Class...

62. Ten Tips on How to Protect Workers From Questions on Immigration Status & Their Consequences

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/Ten_T...

63. Glossary of Key Immigration Terms

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/Gloss...

64. Immigration & Immigrant Workers: The Basics

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Attorney/The_B...

65. Organizing Immigrant Workers

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Advocate/01-Or...

66. Basic Media Guide for Immigrant Workers

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Advocate/02-Me...

67. Guía Básica de Como Hablar Con Los Medios de Comunicación

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Advocate/03-Gu...

68. Toolkit For Organizers: Social Security Administration (SSA) "No-Match" Letters

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Advocate/04-SS...

69. Proving Work Authorization

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Worker/01-Prov...

70. ¡Trabajadores: Conozcan Sus Derechos Laborales Sobre Las Cartas Del Seguro Social!

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Worker/06-WKYR...

71. Workers: Know Your Rights About the Social Security "No-Match" Letter

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Worker/07-WKYr...

72. How to Protect Yourself When Filing A Complaint Against Your Boss

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Worker/08-How_...

73. What To Do If You Are Arrested Or Detained By Immigration

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Worker/09-What...

74. Protecting Yourself Against Immigration Enforcement

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/IWR_Material/Worker/10-Prot...

75. Social Security Administration’s No-Match Letter Program: Implications for Immigration Enforcement and Workers' Rights

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/SSA_no-match_survey_final_r...

76. SSA's "No-Match" Program Harms Low-Wage Immigrant Workers

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/SSA-NM_Pack/SSA-NM_TPs.PDF

77. Social Security Administration "No-Match" Letters: A Do-It-Yourself Packet for Immigrant Workers' Advocates

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immsemplymnt/SSA-NM_Pack/SSA-NM_Packet_C...

78. Overview of Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs

Web: http://www.nilc.org/immspbs/special/ovrvw_imm_elig_fed_pgms_...

79. Web Sites of Interest

Web: http://www.nilc.org/links/index.htm

80. Foreign Labor Certification Overview

Web: http://workforcesecurity.doleta.gov/foreign/hiring.asp

81. Fact Sheet #48: Application of U.S. Labor Laws to Immigrant Workers

Web: http://www.dol.gov/esa/regs/compliance/whd/whdfs48.htm

82. Hoja de Datos #48: Aplicación de las Leyes Laborales de EE UU a Obreros Inmigrantes

Web: http://www.dol.gov/esa/regs/compliance/whd/whdfs48spanish.ht...

83. Application of U.S. Labor Laws to Immigrant Worker Fact Sheet (Korean)

Web: http://www.dol.gov/esa/regs/compliance/whd/whdfs48_Kr.pdf

84. Immigration and poverty: disappointing income growth in the 1990s not solely the result of growing immigrant population

Web: http://www.epinet.org/briefingpapers/130/bp130.pdf

85. Immigrant Workers

Web: http://www.aflcio.org/issuespolitics/immigration/

86. Recognizing Our Common Bonds

Web: http://www.aflcio.org/aboutaflcio/magazine/commonbonds.cfm

87. Legal rights of immigrants

Web: http://www.aflcio.org/issuespolitics/immigration/upload/LEGA...

88. Glossary of Terms

Web: http://www.aflcio.org/issuespolitics/immigration/upload/GLOS...

89. Immigration in the United States

Web: http://www.aflcio.org/issuespolitics/immigration/upload/IMMI...

90. Discrimination: Immigration Status

Web: http://www.aflcio.org/yourjobeconomy/rights/rightsatwork/dis...

91. Getting to Work: A Report on How Workers with Limited English Skills Can Prepare for New Jobs

Web: http://www.workingforamerica.org/documents/PDF/GTW50704.pdf

92. Labor Organizations

Web: http://www.cmfn.org/labor.html

93. Migrant farmworker housing

Web: http://www.cmfn.org/housing.html

94. Facts About National Origin Discrimination

Web: http://www.eeoc.gov/facts/fs-nator.html

95. Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices

Web: http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/osc/htm/facts.htm#rights

96. National Day Laborer Organizing Network

Web: http://www.ndlon.org/indexenglish.htm

97. NDLON Member Organizations

Web: http://www.ndlon.org/members.htm

98. Common Ground

Web: http://www.ndlon.org/research/CommonGroundReport-Eng.doc

99. Puntos en Común

Web: http://www.ndlon.org/research/CommonGroundExecutiveSummary-S...

100. Dispelling the Myths of Day Labor Work

Web: http://www.ndlon.org/research/Dispelling%20the%20Myths%20of%...

101. Understanding My Civil Rights

Web: http://www.ndlon.org/docs/civilrights.pdf

102. Locate job centers in your area

Web: http://www.ndlon.org/job%20centers/natlmap.htm

103. In Pursuit of the American Dream: Day Labor in the Greater Washington D.C. Region

Web: http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/issr/csup/uploaded_files/DC_Day_L...

104. National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Web: http://www.nnirr.org/

105. General Immigration Fact Sheet

Web: http://www.nnirr.org/immigration/immigration_faq.html

106. General Immigration Fact Sheet

Web: http://www.nnirr.org/immigration/immigration_faq.html

107. Contacts and Affiliates

Web: http://www.nnirr.org/immigration/immigration_map.html

108. Enlace

Web: http://www.enlaceintl.org/

109. Bienvenidos a Enlace!

Web: http://www.enlaceintl.org/wa/enlace/si/47/

110. CASA Latina

Web: http://www.casa-latina.org/

111. CASA of Maryland

Web: http://www.casademaryland.org/

112. Baltimore Day Laborer Report

Web: http://www.casademaryland.org/press/daylaborreport.pdf

113. Central American Resource Center

Web: http://www.carecen-la.org/

114. Centro Cultural

Web: http://www.centrocultural.org/English/index.shtm

115. Centro Cultural

Web: http://www.centrocultural.org/Espanol/index.shtm

116. Day Labor Program

Web: http://www.centrocultural.org/English/Programs/DayLaborers.s...

117. Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores

Web: http://www.centrohumanitario.net/

118. Centro Legal de La Raza

Web: http://www.centrolegal.org/index.html

119. Centro Legal de La Raza

Web: http://www.centrolegal.org/esp/index.html

120. Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles

Web: http://www.chirla.org/

121. Institute of Popular Education of Southern California

Web: http://www.idepsca.org/

122. La Raza Centro Legal

Web: http://www.lrcl.org/

123. Day Labor Program

Web: http://www.lrcl.org/daylabor/daylabor.htm

124. Tonatierra

Web: http://www.tonatierra.org/

125. VOZ

Web: http://www.portlandvoz.org/general1.html

126. VOZ - Spanish

Web: http://www.portlandvoz.org/SpanGeneral.html

127. Wind of the Spirit

Web: http://www.windofthespirit.net/

128. American Immigration Lawyers Association

Web: http://www.aila.org/

129. America is Immigration

Web: http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?bc=12621|12142|1046

130. Five Immigration Myths Explained

Web: http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?bc=12142|1047

131. En Español

Web: http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?bc=9904

132. Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Web: http://www.ilrc.org/

133. Enlaces América

Web: http://www.enlacesamerica.org/

134. Enlaces América-Español

Web: http://www.enlacesamerica.org/index_esp.html

135. Solutions at Work...Finding Workers

Web: http://hawaii.gov/labor/wdc/pdf/solutions_at_work.pdf

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