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Resources Guide

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Workplace Fairness Pages

1. Filing a Discrimination Claim - Alaska

Other Online Resources

2. Employment and the Minimum Wage: Evidence from Recent State Labor Market Trends

Web: http://www.epinet.org/content.cfm/briefingpapers_bp150

3. The Alaska Jobs Crisis

Web: http://www.showusthejobs.com/yourstate/upload/AK.pdf

4. Alaska's Economy for Working Families

Web: http://www.aflcio.org/yourjobeconomy/todayseconomy/stateecor...

5. Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/home.htm

6. Wage and Hour Administration

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/lss/whhome.htm

7. Frequently Asked Questions About Wage and Hour

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/lss/whfaq.htm

8. Employment Practices & Working Conditions Pamphlet

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/lss/forms/pam100.pdf

9. Unemployment Insurance

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/esd_unemployment_insurance/home...

10. Unemployment Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/esd_unemployment_insurance/faq....

11. Alaska’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) Call Centers

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/esd_unemployment_insurance/call...

12. Unemployment Insurance Handbook

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/esd_unemployment_insurance/uich...

13. Occupational Safety and Health

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/lss/oshhome.htm

14. Occupational Safety and Health Links

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/lss/http.htm

15. Alaska Labor Relations Agency

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/laborr/home.htm

16. Division of Workers' Compensation

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/wc/home.htm

17. List of Workers' Compensation Forms

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/wc/pdf_list.htm

18. Workers' Compensation Offices

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/offices/wc-of.htm

19. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/dvr/home.htm

20. Wage Claim Form

Web: http://labor.state.ak.us/lss/forms/WageClaimChecklist.pdf

21. Alaska State Commission for Human Rights

Web: http://www.gov.state.ak.us/aschr/aschr.htm

22. Alaska Job Center Network

Web: http://www.jobs.state.ak.us/offices/

23. Summary of Alaska Child Labor Law

Web: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/lss/childlaw.htm

24. Division of Personnel

Web: http://dop.state.ak.us/index.php

25. Equal Employment Opportunity Program

Web: http://dop.state.ak.us/index.php?id=6

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