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Our Programs Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal

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Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal

Published jointly with Chicago-Kent College of Law

$60.00 per volume
$30 per issue
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The Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal publishes articles containing diverse perspectives on legal and law related issues that affect the well-being of employees in the workplace. the Journal is multidisciplinary in approach, and publishes articles written by individuals in many fields, including labor and employment law, labor economics, labor relations, human resources management, sociology, and industrial psychology. The purpose of the Journal is to advance the cause of workers' rights by stimulating the development of significant scholarship by distinguished scholars and others who share NERI's mission.

The Journal is peer reviewed and the editorial board is comprised of Law School Professors and Law School Deans. It is listed in the Index to Legal Periodicals and available electronically on Lexis and Westlaw.

Subscription price is $60.00 per volume / $30.00 per issue.

Further information about the Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal is available on the website of Chicago-Kent College of Law. Back issues of the Journal and individual articles also can be purchased online through Chicago-Kent.